The Correct Attire to Wear in Monte Carlo Casinos

It may have taken Monaco’s Princess Caroline a few years to get them going, but once they did, the casinos of Monte Carlo became the playground of Europe’s royalty and the rich and famous.

Little has changed in that regard, but that doesn’t mean the world-renowned Casino de Monte-Carlo is off limits to players who don’t have a title and a tiara stashed away at the back of the wardrobe. However, even though you might not need a tiara, the casinos in the tiny Mediterranean principality still enforce a dress code.

The American writer Dorothy Parker found this out the hard way when she visited Monte Carlo casinos in 1926, and was turned away at the door because she wasn’t wearing any stockings. She later famously stated that she may have donned her stockings, but in the process she went back and lost her shirt! Don’t worry – you won’t need stockings, either. That rule has changed.

So what should you wear, if you ever the opportunity to play at the casinos that set the global benchmark?  Given the reputation and setting of the Monte Carlo casinos, you should dress appropriately or risk being turned away.

During the day, this would mean dressing smartly, rather than formally. If you turn up in full holiday mode, wearing shorts or flip-flops, you won’t be allowed in. Not even if you tell them you’re a tourist.

The private rooms have a slightly stricter code after 8pm, whereby men are required to wear jackets, and wearing sneakers is not allowed either, regardless of how much they cost or what label they are. You also won’t be allowed in if you’re wearing a military uniform or a religious habit, whether it’s for legitimate or stag- or hen-night reasons.

The reality is that most people who visit the Monte Carlo casinos do so while on holiday, and who wants to go on holiday with a suitcase full of their Sunday best?

Luckily Gaming Club offers the same casino games you’ll find in Monaco, and in a chic, elegant digital environment, too. This means you can wear whatever you like when you play any one of the 500+ games, whether it’s a designer suit, a ball gown with a tiara and feather boa, or that lucky pair of underwear, and not much else.

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