The Benefits Of Basic Blackjack Strategy

The Benefits Of Basic Blackjack Strategy

One of the main draws of Blackjack is its simple rules. The simple rules and the player vs. house setup have certain implications for how you play. Basically it translates to a fixed set of strategic actions that can be employed in certain situations.

These rules and actions are set out in basic Blackjack strategy. Summaries, graphs and pictures that can be used as a basic strategy cheat sheet can be found online.

What Is Basic Strategy?

Basic strategy is considered common knowledge, it is not card counting and it is not cheating or gaining an unfair advantage. It sets out a series of moves that can be used in a given situation.

You will always know two things in any blackjack game for sure. That is the cards in your hand and the single face up card of the house.

Basic strategy will offer the best move based on what statistically will give you the best odds for a win.

Basic strategy is designed to work with games of between 4 to 8 decks, which is perfect for casino gaming.

An Example Of Basic Strategy

So as an example of what basic strategy entails let’s look at a hypothetical hand. Let’s say that the two cards in hand totals 12 for the player. The dealer is showing you a 6.

Statistically what would be the best move here?  Basic strategy states that you must stand. If the dealer shows you a 7, then the best move would have been to hit.

There is no sure way to be an unbeatable blackjack winning machine.

Employing basic strategy will still mean that some hands you will lose, but in the long run your game play and your winnings will improve greatly.

What are Betting Strategies?

Betting strategies are supposedly fool proof methods for beating the house. Betting strategies are based on flawed logic and very outdated mathematical models.

These strategies were developed in the 1700’s and are best avoided, especially when you are expected to pay for these “secret methods”.

Additional Considerations

Remember to check out the table rules first before you join a blackjack game.

Slight rule variations can greatly affect basic strategy. Check and compare your strategy and the rule variations for the best results in your gaming.

With basic strategy your Blackjack skills can go from beginner to master with a little bit of practice and dedication to the rules.

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