10 Game Of Thrones Slang Phrases You Should Start Using On The Daily

Iron Throne with dark backdropIron Throne with dark backdrop Source: media.metrolatam.com

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones or kept up with every season, then, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Just to bring you up to date, in last season we experienced Jon and Daenerys forming an ultra-close bond, watched Arya kill Littlefinger, trembled as The Night King stormed The Wall with Dany’s stolen dragon, and nodded knowingly as Jon was revealed as the Iron Throne’s rightful heir. 

With the eighth and final season now well on its way, we want to share ten Game of Thrones slang phrases and words you should absolutely use in daily life. If you’re around people who don’t share your love of the medieval drama, it will just seem like you’re speaking a really cool code.

Milk of the Poppy

Meaning: A milky version of morphine, made from the dried juice or unripe pods of an opium poppy.

Daily Life Translation: Pain killer.

Use It in a Sentence: “Oof, I could really use some milk of the poppy for this outrageous migraine.”

Bowl of Brown

Meaning: A cheap, subpar stew, typically served in Flea Bottom.

Daily Life Translation: Cheap, if not slightly disgusting, meal.

Use It in a Sentence: “This bowl of brown is barely recognizable as food, but I’ll take it!”

‘You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.’

Kit Harrington posing as Jon Snow Source: smilepolitely.com

Meaning: Phrase used to describe a person who is ignorant about the outside world.

Daily Life Translation: A naïve person.

Use It in a Sentence: “You think you know what it’s like to live in a world without the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy? ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’”


Meaning: A Dothraki word for “wife of the khal, or warlord of akhalasar.” Also, queen.

Daily Life Translation: Bad-ass broad in charge.

Use It in a Sentence: “Mona is the fierce leader and true Khaleesi of our all-woman marketing team.”

Blood of My Blood

Meaning: Dothraki word for a warrior who has pledged his life in service of a khal, thereby considered to be of the khal’s own blood.

Daily Life Translation: In-laws.

Use It in a Sentence: “Well, it’s another Sunday night visiting the blood of my blood. I hope I remember to pack enough vodka to get through Aunt Sally’s recap of last week’s Jeopardy.”

Blurb for Middle Section

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Emilia Clarke posing as Khaleesi Source: s.yimg.com

Meaning: Small articles of underclothing or handkerchiefs. The use of the word was first recorded in our world (not Westeros) in 1759.

Daily Life Translation: Underwear.

Use It in a Sentence: “And then he said, ‘I’ll just go commando!’ And I was like, ‘You are so not going to that party without smallclothes.’”


Meaning: “You are my sun and stars,” said Daenerys to Khal Drogo. She said this as testament to their union.

Daily Life Translation: Soulmate.

Use It in a Sentence: “I will keep hoping that my sun-and-stars appears, even though almost every person I meet is a total idiot.”

Mummer’s Farce

Meaning: A mummer is an actor or clown, and a farce is an absurd comedic play.

Daily Life Translation: Saying something is stupid or ridiculous.

Use It in a Sentence: “I don’t know what Becky was thinking, but this ‘little’ get-together is a total mummer’s farce.”

Words Are Wind

Meaning: Characters in GoT use this phrase to basically say “actions speak louder than words.”

Daily Life Translation: Walk the talk.

Use It in a Sentence: “I know you say you didn’t ditch me to have drinks with your buddies, but WORDS ARE WIND, man. Words are wind.”


Meaning: A lavatory in a medieval home or building.

Daily Life Translation: Toilet.

Use It in a Sentence: “Pardon me while I go make water in the garderobe.” (Score extra points for saying “make water.”)

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