Tempting Reasons to Play Table Games

Opting in for table games

If you are a slots-loving player who has been tempted to try your hand at table games but turned back to the reels at the last moment, the first thing you need to know is that it is not a competition. There are plenty of good reasons to play table games at your favourite online casino, and discovering a new game that thrills you does not mean you will never go back to the reels.

If anything, it means that your gaming is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Take a closer look at why table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and Poker could be one of the best things that ever happen to you.

Table Games Are Social

As much as playing slots in a land-based casino can be a social experience – after all, they do not require too much concentration. Playing table games at a casino is generally social by its very nature.

You could easily find yourself seated at the same table as players from not only your own town, but from countries all over the world. Even when you play table games at live casinos online, you can chat to other players at the table as well as to the dealer using a built-in live chat. The social element in gaming is one of its biggest attractions, and playing table games is a sure way to enjoy it.

It’s In the House Edge

As easy as they are to play, online slots tend to be a little more difficult to win than table games, and this is all due to what is known as the house edge. The house edge is the theoretical percentage of how often the casino will win. The higher the percentage, the more often the casino wins.

To put this into figures, the average house edge of Blackjack is less than 1% if strategy is used, while Baccarat’s house edge is approximately 1%. At 1.4%, Craps has a slightly higher house edge, but it is still not as high as 3 Card Poker, which has a 3.4% house edge. Online slots, on the other hand, generally have a house edge of between 7 and 10%.

Tables Are Less Volatile

Volatility goes hand-in-hand with house edge, which means it is an important factor, especially if you are looking for gaming that is kind to your bankroll. While the rule is not absolute, you can generally be sure that online table games are less volatile than online slots.

This means you stand to lose less money per gaming session when playing table games than when playing slots with bets of the same size.

Strategy Counts

While there is an exception or two, table games are games in which player strategy counts. Whereas a random number generator alone determines online slots results, the actual gameplay of many table games allows players to use strategies that could give them the upper hand on the dealer or other players.

In games where strategy cannot really be used, such as Baccarat, you could use a betting system to try maximising payouts in such a way that they cover your losses.

Gaming At Its Classic Best

While the best online slots are undoubtedly a good deal of fun to play, there is something almost magical about playing to win using cards, a Roulette wheel, or other gaming equipment. It is true, when you play online table games, those results are produced by the same RNG that produces the slot results.

However, when you play live casino games, the professionally trained dealers who you can see via video streaming use real game equipment to play the games. This means that, when you join a table using your computer or mobile device, you get to play classic games with the traditional equipment.

Take It Easy

If you are looking for incredibly fast-paced action, you can find it when you spin slots reels. Table games, on the other hand, slacken the pace for a far more leisurely experience that is no less thrilling than playing slots.

The result is gaming that relaxes as it exhilarates. The slower pace of table games also means it is easier to think of and implement strategies that could help you improve your chances of winning.


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