Tech Trends For 2017

Tech Trends For 2017

The Internet Of Things

Technological marvels have been dominating everything from the functional to the fantastic – almost exclusively thanks to the Internet of Things.  Virtual Reality blasted onto the scene – rocketing to new heights in 2016 with the release of Oculus Rift.  Pokémon Go had us all – from barely literate pre-schoolers to Wall Street businessmen – venturing into strange and unknown locations, looking for the next exciting find in the digital treasure hunt.  Proudly brought to you by the marvel that is Augmented Reality, or AR.

No Ode to Tech would be complete without making mention of Big Data – the idea that masses of clumped-together data in bulk measure can assist us in making the best possible decisions, by having every last ounce of intelligence on any specific topic at hand at any given time.  A mind-blowing concept indeed.

The Internet of Things has also lent a huge helping hand to the development of the casino and online casino industry – with more and more users accessing online casino games from their mobile devices.

 Death-Blow To Conversion Fees

Despite the fact that most online casino sites make provision for deposit and withdrawal options in a variety of world currencies, the need for expensive conversion fees has yet to be completely eliminated.  Various currencies being used by a single financial system also puts the online casino industry at risk due to fluctuating rates.  Until now, that is.  The solution: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin not only eradicates costly currency conversion fees as well as the fiscal dangers of using multiple currencies, but also brings along with it an appealing added benefit:  no more identity theft.  Being that Bitcoin is a completely anonymous way to trade, there will no longer be any need for any personal information, banking or otherwise, to enter into the equation.

The Era of e-Sports

Competitive e-Sports is the next logical step as far as sports betting is concerned – when considering the number of players and fans competing in and following these events.  Games such as DOTA and Counterstrike are bound to take e-sports to a level that is on par with traditional sports and sports betting.

A clear indicator of things to come has always been the willingness of broadcasting networks jumping in order to get to their share of the pie – as chief sports broadcaster ESPN has just done.

Perpetual Downloadable Content

Games have moved from the realm of standalone products into the vast arena of perpetual services – creating ever changing platforms as a result of perpetual downloadable content, and thereby ensuring an ongoing source of revenue as opposed to income that can only be expected to be generated for a set period of time.

The Beauty That Is Streaming

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the very proof that is the pudding:  whatever it is that we do and experience, we want to share it with others.  Streaming is fashioning and developing the gaming landscape in one pivotal way: the ability to broadcast play sessions.

In fact, streaming is to e-Sports what live television coverage is to traditional sporting events.  It doesn’t hurt that streaming and e-Sports share very similar media consumption habits.  This is bound to have a massive growth effect on both markets in 2017.

The Rules Of Engagement

The rise of the simple text user interface as a means of communication isn’t one that is bound to die down anytime soon.  Enter the Virtual Concierge App.  With most online casino games being fit for a social component – and in many cases sought out for this very aspect – virtual concierge is here to stay.

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