Food for the Future

Greener growing methods needed
Despite our technological advances and access to information, humanity is still heading for a world food crisis. The agricultural sector is approximately 30 years behind in development when compared to other sectors. Around the world people are starving, and roughly 11%, or 815 million of the population go to bed hungry. Scarily, this is despite ... Continue Reading →

Connecting Africa – Catching Up Online

Getting online in Africa
As the world speeds forward into a new era, one factor is becoming ever more apparent; the future of the human race is one that will be bound together by the World Wide Web. There is simply no denying that the Internet and online connectivity in general, is an important part of the combined human future. As it stands, roughly 58% of the world is ... Continue Reading →

The Ghosts of Social Media Past

Social media has a daily effect on our lives
I don’t tweet. Friends have said I should open a Twitter account but I have remained inanimate on the matter. Twitter registers very low on my list of priorities and while I get that one can actually catch the attention of a celebrity or someone in power, it remains an unappealing endeavour. I regard social media as a blessing and a curse. ... Continue Reading →

Top Retro Gadgets Making a Comeback

Nokia’s 3310 reinvented and re-released
Ever get all misty-eyed when you remember what life was like in the 80s and 90s? Well, you can indulge your nostalgia all you like, because some of the best retro gadgets ever are making a comeback. Tech such as the Nokia 3310, Kodak analogue film cameras, and the NES were among the must-haves of their decades. They were some of the most powerful ... Continue Reading →