Eric Weinstein’s Take on Capitalism

Entrepreneur analysing data
If you’re familiar with the ‘intellectual dark web’, chances are that you’ve heard the name Eric Weinstein before – in fact, he’s responsible for coining the phrase. A regular guest on – a popular podcast talk show, tackling taboo subjects – Weinstein often voices his opinions and predictions around American politics and the ... Continue Reading →

New Black Hole Theory Will Suck and Blow Your Mind

Science has a funny way of coming around and messing with our heads every once in a while. This is one of those whiles, because I’ve just read that stuff that gets sucked into black holes doesn’t stay there forever. It felt a bit like that time we had all that ruckus about Pluto. Pluto was a planet, and then scientists upset a ... Continue Reading →

What is In-Car Voice Assistance?

What is In-Car Voice Assistance
Imagine climbing into your car, and the air-conditioning system automatically turns on. Next, the engine roars to life while the car begins its journey, driving you to your intended destination. What’s even better? You won’t have to lift a single finger. And thanks to the advancement of In-Car Voice Assistant technology, this could ... Continue Reading →

How To Make Your Own App

Make your own app
Have you ever been frothing at the mouth and pulling at your hair, trying to get one of the apps on your phone to do what you want? Ever say to yourself that if it were you who had designed it, you would have changed it in very specific ways, making it infinitely better? Well, it turns out that you no longer have to simply accept substandard apps ... Continue Reading →