What Is The Future Of Recycled Plastic in Fashion?

Plastic waste
Many of us want to be more ecologically conscious in our approach to reducing our carbon footprints. You might choose to buy sustainably sourced food, pick up litter on your jogging sessions – so-called plogging – or even aim to rather than travel to a bricks and mortar one in a nearby city, for example. Regardless of the environmentally ... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Up the Oceans’ Plastic

The Ocean Cleanup making a difference
Through industrialisation, modernisation and technology, the human race has been polluting natural environments for hundreds of years. There are far too many examples of this, and we are continuously learning about the price we might have to pay, in the form of serious geological disasters. Our oceans have been hit very badly, with the World ... Continue Reading →

Starbucks Gets Rid of Straws

Starbucks gives the environment a hand
In July 2018, Starbucks announced its plans to eliminate single-use plastic straws by 2020. The coffee giant, who currently hands out more than 1 billion of the tubes a year, is to begin the transition in the fall of 2018. Stores in Seattle and Vancouver will be the first to see the new regime. Many people are applauding the retailer’s decision ... Continue Reading →