Surprising Mobile Casino Stats

Mobile casino gaming offers some very interesting and shocking statistical figures based on revenues generated by mobile gambling and the massive growth of the industry as a whole.

Let’s have a quick look at some interesting facts on the rapidly growing world of mobile casino gaming and what it means for the future.

Growth Of The Mobile Market

There is currently estimated to be over 2 billion mobile users worldwide, with that figure growing every day as devices become cheaper and more integrated into our day-to-day lives. The estimated internet usage of these mobile users is more than 83% of total internet usage.

This shows just how accessible mobile devices have become and how they have introduced more and more people to mobile gaming. Currently 20% of Internet users are playing online casino games using their mobile devices.

An Increase In Revenue

The current estimation of the revenues generated by online gaming activity is $11.4 Billion a year. That is a lot of money and growing steadily every year. This is why the online casino market is so competitive and why players get access to such enticing bonus offers.

There is a lot of money in online casino gaming. Not just for the companies but for the players themselves. Every other day you hear news of record breaking amounts paid out to casino fans around the world.

The Growth Of Mobile Gaming

In 2015 alone, mobile casino gaming made up 35% of all casino activity. This is up from only 3% of total online gambling activity in 2012.

As phones are becoming cheaper and cheaper, this figure will definitely grow more in the future, but probably not as dramatically as in the last few years.

The Future Of The Industry

It is estimated that the total number of mobile casino gamblers will increase by 100 million users in the coming years. This is a massive amount of additional games, but it is definitely going to slow down compared to the boom in Smartphone users after 2012.

This is because most people are now owners of a Smartphone, spanning the age groups between 16 and the over 65s.

A decline in new users or growth in no way means that online casino gaming is declining in popularity, it simple means that a certain level of saturation is reached and the additionally year on year growth is purely based on new players or new users coming of age.

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