Why Sucker Bets are Best Avoided

We want to help you start winning more money, or at least minimise your losses, and by making small changes to your betting habits you will start enjoying better returns almost immediately. That’s why we are going to tell you more about sucker bets and why you need to keep away from these sneaky little wagers that can become real money drains!

What Exactly is a Sucker Bet?

A sucker bet is exactly what its name suggests: a wager that only a sucker, or sap, would place. Many gamblers assume the term refers to bets that have little to no chance of winning, but these bets are not actually as simple as that. A long shot can be a good bet if it has good odds attached. Alternatively, even a wager that will almost definitely win is a sucker’s bet if the odds are too short.

The term does not relate to how likely your bet is to win, but rather concerns itself with the value of a wager. Value relates to the profitability of the wager in the long run, relative to the amount of money, which you have staked.

Bets that have a negative expected value are sucker bets, and the term is usually used when people refer to particular types of bets with especially bad value. If you place a bet at higher odds that you would have been able to get otherwise, you have made a sucker bet!

Craps Suckers

One of the most commonly found casino games that features several sucker bets is Craps. The Craps table looks complex, and at a first glance a new player may shy away from what it has to offer. But the truth of the matter is, there are several sucker bets in Craps, and if you steer clear of them you can reduce your losses, and in turn, improve your winning chances!

To avoid sucker bets in Craps you simply need to keep away from the middle of the table. We’d advise you to avoid the temptation of the middle and keep well away from bets like Big 6 and Big 8, as the place, buy and other props in the middle of the table are all considered sucker bets.

How to Dodge Sucker Bets

In short, the easiest way to avoid sucker bets is to do your research, know the game, and understand what the different betting options are and why you should opt for some bets and not others. It’s that easy really!

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