Strangest Slots Games Names

In an industry where thousands of slots games exist you can bet that developers are going to do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd. There is little to gain from releasing a game that is basically an exact clone of a thousand games that came before it, since the title will likely vanish in an already saturated market.

The best approach to take, therefore, is releasing a slots game that leaps out from the crowd due to originality. Originality, however, is a tricky mistress, and there are many cases in which something is so original that tips over into the bizarre department. A little known game titled Kummeli does not just have a strange name, but also some of the most bizarre imagery in any slot game under the sun. Fancy a symbol of man wearing a flannel shirt, no pants, and with hand planted firmly on his genitals? This is Kummeli in a nutshell, and it is certainly a game that raised more then a few eyebrows. Here are a few other games that feature unusual names, and equally as unusual subject material.

Hoff Mania

David Hasselhoff is a unique celebrity for many reasons, not in the least because he has managed to stay relevant well after the peak of his career. Starting as the infamous Knight Rider, Hasselhof went on to hit double gold in Bay Watch, where the most important part of his role was to run in slow motion on the beach alongside Pamela Anderson.

Later, after his initial fame died down, “The Hoff” saw new fame as being a self aware cheesy meme, managing to make fun of himself while still remaining respected. This is a feat few other celebrities have achieved, with only David Hasselhoff, Chuck Norris and Nicholas Cage being worth mentioning. Hoff Mania is a slots game based entirely around the self-referential humour David Hasselhoff has managed to achieve, and it is a bizarre thing to base a game around, of that there is no question. Sure, the initial novelty of the game wears off quickly, but the fact that such a game can even exist is testimony to the bizarre power of social media. Check out the Hoff Mania game, but don’t be surprised if you’re a bit dumbstruck when the reels start spinning!

Judge Judy

Judge Judy is a well-known television celebrity, recognised mostly for being that TV judge that doesn’t take any nonsense. She is charming in a sort of scary grandmother way, and no one can deny that the woman deals out fair justice.

The real question is why anyone in their right mind would think she made a good theme for a slots game. There are dozens, if not hundreds of other television shows that are more suited to be a slots game, but someone decided to use Judge Judy. If she personally agreed to this or not is a mystery, but one thing is certain; the game is somewhat odd, just like the TV show!

40 Shades Of Santa

If making a slots game based on Judge Judy was a strange idea, trying to combine an extremely badly written book about BDSM with a Christmas theme may be one of the oddest ideas in history. Sure, the combination is obviously meant as a joke, but it’s a rather bizarre one to say the least!

Santa’s elves and handcuffs do not go together by any stretch of the imagination, but 40 Shades of Santa manages to bring them together in an almost convincing, if not alarming way. This is certainly a game not to play when the kids are around, or you may have to explain why Santa’s whip isn’t being used on his reindeer!

Monty Python’s Spamalot

Monty Python is another stretch when it comes to slots game creation, and upon release Monty Python’s Spamalot caused much controversy. This was due mainly to die-hard fans feeling that Monty Python had sold out, allowing their name to be attached to a casino game.

As with Judge Judy, however, the creators of the material likely had very little to do with the slots game. John Cleese, part of the original Monty Python team, went out of his way to inform fans that it was beyond his control. The game itself is an amusing experience, and probably has the highest production value of all the games on this list, using much of the imagery found in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But, as far as slots games go, its still a rather odd theme!

There are also slots with names such as Machine Gun Unicorn (yes, you read that right), Cash and Curry, Planet Exotica and Hairway to Heaven, all of which boasts themes that are as weird as their names!

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