Strange Things People Gamble On

For as long as people have been living together in society, there has always been betting and gambling. As children, we bet each other who would be the fastest to the end of the block or the first to eat a whole hot dog in under thirty seconds. This type of juvenile competitive behaviour stays with us into adulthood expressing itself in some interesting and strange ways. Just about everyone has bet on something or other in their lives or come into contact with someone who has gambled on the lottery or at a casino.

Most forms of gambling are fairly regulated with things like the national lottery, land-based and online casinos as well as sports betting all featuring regularly in our daily lives. Being human, we often stretch the envelope and invent our own little gambling games to make life that little bit more interesting. Household poker games are quite common where friends or family members stage a small poker game with a token buy-in. These are really just social games that are not about the money. Designed for entertainment purposes, sometimes these poker games can get a bit out of control.

What Were You Thinking?

It is not unusual to meet someone who has lost their watch, their clothing and even their car in what started out as a friendly poker game. It is in our nature to feel that we have the upper hand and will do anything to claim back our rightful place as winners. Subsequently a lot of people end up getting deeper into debt, often handing over personal items as collateral including whatever they are wearing and sometimes a date with their wife or girlfriend. Many a relationship has ended due to a failed bet or poor hand of cards.

Betting between friends is one area where things can get a bit carried away. It may start out as a dare, a bet or a simple wager on a sports game, but as we all know these things can spiral into a crazy rollercoaster of odd behaviour.

One story that made its way through the grapevine is about two friends who would constantly challenge each other to dumb things in public. The offer was simple; money would be put on the table for an act that required a certain degree of bravery. This is how one man was arrested for catching a train wearing nothing but a pair of bright pink socks.

If you think the world of sports betting is any better, you may want to think twice. Betting on a football game or a tennis match is one thing, but how about predicting the winner of a local election halfway across the world. Election betting may make sense to some, while others find it truly strange. Have you ever heard of drone racing? This is where experienced drone pilots fly customised drones through a series of obstacles. Did you know you can actually bet on drone racing, yes, it is a real thing. What about eSports?

eSports and Pokémon Betting

Most people have heard of eSports. This rising form of competitive video gaming sees players battle it out in single player games as well as team games on live platforms. Even though eSports are relatively new, you can actually place bets on which players will win a game or tournament. While all of these have some sort of competitive aspect to theme, one of the most bizarre sports betting markets to emerge is Pokémon Go betting.

Yes, you read that correctly. With Pokémon betting, people actually bet on which famous governmental buildings and city parks will be used as a location for Pokémon characters. What will we think up next?

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