Why Players Can Look Forward to 2017

Online casino players around the world can be guaranteed that 2017 will be the best year yet. Not necessarily for the fact that they will be guaranteed to win huge amounts but they will definitely be enjoying themselves a lot more.

The reason being, technology is growing at a tremendous rate and 2017 is going to be seeing new and exciting things. Yes, it is true that this is said every year but every year sees major advancements in technology and even though the online casino industry has already seen some of the most authentic game play action, players can look forward to an even better and more realistic experience.

Gaming Club is just one of the top online casinos that has, and continues to provide ground breaking casino game play platforms where players get to experience more than the usual online play. Here are just some of the great advancements and new experiences players can expect in 2017.

1. Mobile Gaming at Its Best

Mobile play thus far has brought about a much more convenient platform for players to enjoy a great selection of casino games while on the move. It is a platform that has been around for a while but over that time it has grown from strength to strength and is even becoming available on smartwatches.

Mobile casinos and games have continued to get bigger and better and 2017 will be seeing the best of mobile game play yet. More and more casino games are being made compatible and created for mobile. While mobile casino games have had some lesser features than online games, developers are working on the kinks and making the games even better for mobile device capabilities. Better applications and easier instant access will make mobile casino game play even better and more efficient than before.

2. Live Casino Games

Live casino games are already popular and widely spread amongst the world’s top online casinos. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the most commonly found live casino games but 2017 may see many more.

Live casino games are played via live video feeds straight from real life casinos and as yet there are no virtual tours through this platform where players can completely immerse themselves but technology is constantly growing so who knows what 2017 will bring.

3. The World of Virtual Reality

For the most immersive experience yet, players can look forward to virtual reality casinos in 2017. This exciting trend has gone from regular video style games and hit the online casino industry. The absolute enjoyment of virtual reality game play is becoming even better with the fact that real money could be won.

Oculus rift and Samsung Gear VR are already in existence and without a doubt 2017 will be seeing more of this type of hardware. These are headsets worn that will literally transport players into a virtual world.

Virtual reality casinos are mobile friendly, so players are able to hook up their mobile devices and step into a virtual casino where a variety of games can be played. It is sure to change the way live casino or online casino games are played.

4. A.R Casinos

2016 saw Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that literally took the world by storm. There was such a huge interest that it is almost certain that this type of game will be developed. Whether the casino industry will be seeing AR games in the very near future is not yet known but they more than likely will begin emerging at some point in 2017.

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