Sin City Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong

Las VegasIf you’ve seen The Hangover, you will be well aware of just how wrong bachelor parties in Las Vegas can go. But, surely that’s just fiction, right? It can’t get that crazy, right? Wrong! Everyone loves a story filled with crazy twists and turns, and when you’re mixing booze, gambling and some exotic dancers, things can get out of hand really quickly. With this in mind, Gaming Club has collected the best, or should we say worst, of the bunch specifically for your salacious enjoyment! After reading these, you may decide to rather just stay at home and play your favourite casino games at Gaming Club instead.

A City That Earned Its Reputation

The Las Vegas Strip has become one of the most popular destinations to celebrate bachelor parties, and with good reason. This 6.8 kilometre strip of road is home to over 30 casinos and hotels from skanky dives to top-class luxury, and many bachelors have chosen this destination to celebrate their ‘last night of freedom’ and go out with one last, massive hoorah. Photo evidence always makes crazy stories more thrilling, and for one unfortunate groom, he probably wasn’t too happy about it. Cut to a shot of the New York Casino in Sin City where a groom is pictured sleeping on a mattress with his blanket and all in the middle of the casino floor. Unsurprisingly, the details are sketchy, but Sin City makes some people do incredibly stupid things. Rather play slots at Gaming Club and avoid embarrassing photos all together!

Almost Dead On Arrival

For one particular groom, his bachelor party and subsequent wedding was probably a little too much fun. According to a friend of the groom, who declined the bachelor party invitation due to obvious reasons, the list of party attendees was like a rollcall of unfaithful men who spent a weekend in Vegas literally just drinking, sealing the deal with random women, and losing way too much money on high-stakes Poker. The night before the wedding, the groom went on a Red Bull & vodka fuelled bender, staying out all night. By the time the wedding ceremony kicked off, the groom looked like death warmed up, and it was later announced that he had to spend the evening in bed with ‘flu-like symptoms’, meaning the bride spent the whole dinner on her own. Needless to say, the marriage lasted a total of 24 months.

Two Parties, One Big Problem

This groom was left behind in the worst kind of way when he decided to have his bachelor party in Vegas with a very large group of his friends. Unfortunately, one group wanted to party on a budget, while the other wanted to make it as unforgettable as possible, so they decided to split into two groups. The problem came in when both groups thought the groom was with the other, when he was actually still at the hotel. He ended up getting a room separate to his friends to avoid fighting with them.

Gaming Club: The Safest Bet

The simple fact remains that casino games really shouldn’t be mixed with copious amount of alcohol, as judgement becomes impaired and you may end up re-mortgaging your home just to pay it all back. While a party on the Vegas Strip sounds fun, if you’re hoping to keep everyone happy, rather have a low-key get together. And, if its casino games you’re after, rather play online at Gaming Club. As they say, better safe than sorry!

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