Should You Monkey Around With New Game Treasure Skyland?

Treasure SkylandSource: Microgaming

At times of stress or anxious moments that might occur in our lives, a little escapism is what is called for. Perhaps this is why the recently released mobile casino game, Treasure Skyland, is creating such a stir. After all, the slot’s design and entire game concept is slightly crazy – like it has come out of the fevered imagination of a team of game designers who have eaten too many bananas! Why? Well, in Treasure Skyland you get to play the part of a swashbuckling buccaneer. The only thing is that you will be in the company of three monkeys who all behave like experienced pirates to help you on your quest for treasure. Don’t worry though – they are not the bloodthirsty type and are more interested in tropical fruit than they are in pieces of eight.

Getting Orientated With Treasure Skyland

Before we get into the cool in-game features of Treasure Skyland, it is probably best to say a word or two about how it works. Developed for the highly respected software publishing house, Microgaming, Treasure Skyland takes the form of a five reel slot which is split up over three rows. This affords players the chance to win on up to twenty different paylines per spin! Many people who enjoy a bit of adventure with their gaming will like the fact that there are so many chances to come up with a winning combination. Bear in mind that the game will automatically interrogate its pay table for you, should you be lucky enough to end up with more than one payline combination, and award you with the highest possible prize from those available. That said, simultaneous wins which occur on different lines are added together so you won’t miss out.

Exciting Game Features

There are plenty of additional features to keep your attention with this game. Treasure Skyland’s designers may have gone a little nuts with the whole monkey-pirates-in-the-sky concept but their approach in providing lots of features will certainly keep your feet on the ground. For example, players can expect to open up the game’s feature reel whenever the helm of one of the pirate ships lands on a winning line. If so, you will then receive a feature at random. There is also a multiplier which augments your score by a multiple of two, three or four. Then, there is a symbol upgrade feature which alters your winning symbol combinations to higher paying ones. The symbol-to-wild feature is similar but it converts some of your symbols to wilds. You might also get the win extension feature which extends your winning potential by turning all of your winning combinations to wilds!

If that has whetted your appetite for nautical adventure on the high, er, skies, then how about the game’s pick bonus? This is effectively a sub-game that you will open up from the feature reel if it lands on it. When you have successfully navigated your way to this game you will see a prize map with fifteen islands in the sky on show. You are then allowed to pick five of them to reveal the treasure that lays in store. Once you have taken your picks, you will return to the main game with your winnings. Some of this ‘bounty’ comes in the form of cash prizes while others are additional multipliers. You get better prizes the further you progress through the pick bonus game’s prize map.

Is Treasure Skyland Pie in the Sky?

All players have their own ideas about what makes a good online slot game. With Treasure Skyland, there is so much on offer that few people are likely to think that it is anything short of superb, however. Yes, the whole idea of monkeys in pirate dress sailing vessels that somehow fly is a little kooky, to say the least, but that is exactly why it has so much charm. When you factor in that Treasure Skyland also offers a payout ratio that is over 96 per cent and players can expect a total hit frequency that is only a tiny fraction under one-in-four, you will see why so many players are talking about it as having the potential to become the next big thing in casino games!

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