Secrets of the Wild

Online Mobile Slots

Slot Games are the most popular casino game at almost every online casino. Offering hours of fun, tens of thousands logon on a daily basis to test their luck. With excellent graphics, great designs, and plenty in the way of cash winning opportunity, it’s no wonder that online slot games are as popular as they are.

But not everyone is so familiar with how slot games work. Yes, they are certainly designed to be as easy to understand, and user friendly as possible, but if a person has never played a slot game before, it can all seem a little confusing. Let’s take a closer look at how slot games work, and in particular how the Wild symbol system works.

Basic Slot Game Rules

As already said, slot games are extremely easy to understand and play, but it never hurts to go over the basics. All slot games have a play area, or, the area in which symbols may be matched. The player must first decide on an upfront bet. This can be done by adjusting the coin betting amount, which usually appears at the bottom of the game. Increasing the betting amount means that more money will be wagered for the next spin, and that likewise more will be won for every matching sequence created.

Once the betting amount is set, the player can spin the reels by clicking, or tapping, the spin button. The reels will be set into motion and the symbols spin. Upon coming to rest, the symbols in the play area have the chance to create winning sequences and combinations. Generally, same symbols sitting adjacent will create a winning sequence, with varying payouts depending on the value of the symbols. Payouts will occur automatically.

Some symbols have special properties, and upon matching will trigger bonus mini-games, jackpot wins, or other features. And this is where the Wild symbol comes into play.

The Wild Symbol

Virtually every slot game has some sort of Wild symbol, which will be represented by an interesting or noteworthy design. And, if you’re looking to make as much cash as possible, you’ll be hoping to see as many Wild symbols as possible.

Very simply, the Wild symbol will match with almost every other symbol, regardless of what it is. This means that more winning combinations can be created. For example, if a symbol is a horseshoe, a winning combination could be three, four, or five horseshoes, which would all grant payouts. However, with a Wild symbol it could be two horseshoes and a Wild, with the payout being for three horseshoes. The same could be for three horseshoes and a Wild, and so on.

So naturally every slot game player is hoping for as many Wild symbols as possible to appear in the reels. And this is why the Wild symbol normally has a fun or interesting animation attached.

Wild Symbol Special Rules

Different slot games generally have their own special rules. Before playing a slot game, it is wise to check the special rules, which can be done by tapping, or clicking, the information button.

In some cases a Wild symbol will match with all symbols, except the jackpot symbols, which grant jackpot payouts. In the case of jackpots, only the specific jackpot symbols may be used to trigger the largest payout. This may not be the case in all slot games, so again be sure to check the specific rules of the game.

In some slot games Wild symbols may also match with other Wild symbols, for an instant significant payout that is sure to put a smile on the player’s face. Either way, the Wild symbol is always valuable, and worth keeping an eye on.

Wild Symbol Mini-Games

Wild symbols can even trigger special bonus mini-games. When creating a winning sequence with the Wild symbols, a second game will open on the screen, allowing the player the chance to win big. Wild symbol mini-games generally involve allowing the player to make a selection between a number of fixed choices. This can be selecting between two options, with one granting a bigger payout than the other. In some cases these mini-games will even continue if a correct selection is made, compounding the winnings. If guessing correctly a number of times, a big payout is granted.

Keep in mind that these mini-games are always based around a simple game of chance, with the player simply testing lady luck for the chance at big money. Further details for these mini-games can always be found by taking a look at the help page of the game.

Now that you know all about online slot games, and how the Wild symbols works, you can jump in, test your own luck, and stand the chance to walk away with a bit of extra money. Remember that online slot games can be played on your preferred platform, including tablet, smartphone, and desktop computer. Good Luck!

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