Real Gaming Benefits Of Virtual Reality

If you don’t think the fact that virtual reality exists is pretty damn cool, it’s likely because you didn’t watch the virtual reality movies of the 80s and 90s. Back in those days VR was crazy future technology that apparently had the ability to fry your brain, if we’re going by The Lawnmower Man logic. Real VR does not, of course, fry your brain, since it really wouldn’t work very well as a marketing slogan. “VR; fries your brain or your money back.” What it does do, many hope, is offer us a new way to experience games that could change the world.

Once the novelty of VR starts to wear off, however, one has to start asking a very important question; what real gaming benefits are there to using a VR headset? After all, online roulette worked perfectly well before people started talking about making It VR compatible. Is the VR system making the game easier to play, more functional, or better in any real, tangible way? Or at least in a way that justifies having a pair off goggles strapped to your head? A person might argue that normal online roulette is better, since it does not require the goggles.

Before we get into if VR actually makes games better, let’s first get a better idea of how it works.

How Does VR Work?

VR is an incredibly immersive technology that aims to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a digital world. Images are displayed in front of your eyes on a pair of lenses, which, when combined by your brain, create a sensation that the digital world has real depth. It’s similar to the technology used in 3D cinema, only combined with a motion tracking system that constantly updates the image. This means that wherever you turn your head, the digital world is displayed accordingly, creating an illusion that you are in the digital world.

The goggles alone only provide the visual aspect of the VR experience. In order for you to be able to interact with the virtual world, you also need a pair of motion tracking controllers. The two controllers are held in the hands, and correlate the movement of your hands to the VR system. In this fashion you are given a pair of hands in the virtual world. By pressing buttons on the controllers, the user can make the virtual hands flex their fingers, so allowing digital objects to be manipulated.

The deeper technology behind VR is both simple and extremely complicated. All you really need to know is that VR is here, its real, and it works.

It’s About Immersion

So let’s just be frank about this. If the question is; can VR do what is not already being done as far as game functionality goes, the answer would have to be a resounding; no. A roulette game works just as well without a VR headset. Bets can be placed, the wheel can be spun, and cash can be earned. It’s exactly what it needs to be. But if the question is; can you experience a game of digital roulette the same without a pair of VR goggles, then the answer is also a resounding; no. VR creates an experience that has to be felt to be understood.

The world inside a VR headset looks and sounds so real that the brain can get lost in it. There is, in fact, a point when playing with VR that you can feel yourself start to believe the digital world is really around you. It’s a profound and even scary experience, and no, it is just not possible without a VR headset. Leaning over to look at the betting table during a game of digital roulette, as opposed to simply seeing the betting table on your monitor, are two very different things.

It is also far more work having to reach out and place betting chips with your hand, as opposed to simply touching betting chips on a screen, and surely nobody wants to extend more effort when gaming? But that is exactly what VR is all about; creating a reality that feels real. And in the real world, you have to place those chips with your hand. As we said, it’s about immersion.

VR Has its Place

Most of our technological evolution has been based around making things easier and more convenient, and VR seems to fly in the face of these innovations. It’s clumsy in design, has to be work on the head, and forces the user to put in more effort to play games. But, despite all of that, VR offers something so remarkable that everyone should experience it at least once. And, if after experiencing it once, if a person decides they would rather not use it that would be their choice. But chances are they will not want to play a game any other way.

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