How Do Progressive Slot Games Work?

Everyone who is familiar with slot games knows that there are two major types. The first is a standard slot game, which pays out regular amounts, and has a jackpot amount that is of a significant sum. The jackpot will only be awarded fairly rarely, but the average player still has a decent chance of seeing a jackpot on an average play session.

The second type of slot game is known as a progressive jackpot slot game. A progressive jackpot slot game has one major difference; the jackpot amount is a sum so vast that winning it will be an occasion that transforms the player’s life forever. The amount can be in the millions, and in some cases even in the tens of millions. It’s a sum that would make even the wealthiest sit up and take notice.

But, how does a progressive jackpot actually work? How can casinos, both online and real world, possibly afford to payout such staggering amounts to players? Let’s learn more about progressive slot games, and understand how they function.

How Do Progressive Slot Games Work?

Standard Slot Games

The simple idea of a slot game is that it is based entirely around luck, and the payouts made are completely random. There is nothing a player can do to influence how the reels will spin, and which symbols will make an appearance in the play area. All a player can really do is make decisions as to how to prepare for potential payouts. This is done in the way of raising or lowering betting amounts, and activating pay lines.

A standard slot game is strictly a solitary experience, being that the player is interacting with a single game, with payouts made based on that game, and it’s various payout circumstances. Jackpot amounts will vary depending on the game, and are generally a significant enough amount that it will put a smile on the player’s face.

In some cases a standard slot game will only offer jackpot payouts if all betting lines are active, though this does again depend on the game. Some standard slot games don’t even allow players to interact with pay lines at all, and have all activated all the time. These small variations make up the various types of standard slot game, but the important aspect is that that jackpot amount will be limited in its size.

Progressive Jackpot Differences

A progressive jackpot may also have some of the various aspects mentioned above, in terms of betting lines and pay lines. The major difference with a progressive jackpot system is, as already mentioned, the enormous potential jackpot payout. Smaller payouts and jackpot are possible, but the jackpot amount will always be the focus of the game.

So how is a casino, online or real world, able to payout such a staggering amount of cash?

The interesting thing about a progressive jackpot game is that the jackpot amount is in fact funded by the game’s themselves. Each time a player spins a progressive jackpot, a small amount of the bet is added to the jackpot amount. This is why the jackpot number is always seen climbing, since each person playing is helping the total grow as they spin the reels.

Progressive jackpot slot games are in a network with many other games of the same type, and so the series of games are all working towards making the jackpot keep climbing, the longer that jackpot remains unpaid. It should be noted then that all the players in that network are in fact vying for the same jackpot amount.

Striking It Stinking Rich

There are very few systems in the world that allow a player a chance at winning millions simply by placing a small bet, and spinning a few reels. National lotteries are comparable, but of course are only played once or twice a week. Plus there are potentially tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, who play a national lottery. In the case of a progressive slot game, there are generally a great deal less at any given moment.

A progressive jackpot slot game is also unique in that it allows the player to take multiple shots at a huge amount. Or, to be more specific, as many shots as the player cares to take. There is no restriction to only being allowed to play on specific occasions, as with national lottery systems.

Finding A Progressive Slot Game Online

Virtually all online casinos offer a progressive slot game, or a number of them. In order to find one, simply visit the slot game section of the online casino, and check out the progressive slot games offered. Remember that you must have an active online account at the particular casino in order to start playing.

Good luck, and don’t forget to put some of the millions away if you do win, and invest it wisely!

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