Pro Slots Tips

Slot machines today account for between 70% and 80% of the revenue that a casino generates, whether the establishment is online or offline. The break-neck action, bright lights and potential for immediate and huge wins on relatively tiny bets are all part of their irresistible appeal, and we don’t blame you for being totally beguiled by them!

The thing is, though, that slot machines are almost always completely random. That means that every spin of the reels has the same odds; if one spin had a 1 in 250 000 chance of winning, so too does the next spin, and the one after that. There is no such thing as a slot machine with hot or cold numbers, or one that is about to pay out, when you’re playing at an online casino that is properly licensed and independently certified for fairness.

Every reputable online casino uses Random Number Generation to ensure the proper fairness on its results, and so do most land-based slots although you should always make sure of this. The odds of winning any slot game are so high that you might well ask if there’s anything you can do about them. We’ve answered that question below.


Understand the RTP

 The Return to Player, or RTP, is a percentage value that tells you how much of each coin bet a slot game pays out over time. If the RTP is 95%, for example, that means that over thousands or even millions of spins, the game will pay back an average of 95 cents for every dollar wagered. In the short term and to individual players, of course, anything can happen.

It makes sense to choose a game where the RTP is as high as possible, so that no matter what happens you will lose as little as possible as you spin. Remember that when the RTP is 95%, you get $95 on your first $100, and then 95% of that $95 so that the casino ends up taking more than just a straight 5% of your total budget. This slow wearing away of your bankroll is known as the casino grinding you down.


Be Disciplined

 This is common sense, of course, but set a playing budget and stick to it so that you don’t get into trouble. You can always play free games if you’ve used up your playing budget for the day, and get the same adrenaline rush. These free games are actually a good idea to help you get familiar with the pace of a game so that you can manage it better when you’re playing for real money, but do be aware that you often don’t see the full version of the game until you’re placing actual wagers.


Play for Enjoyment

 The biggest thing to understand about slot games is that, no matter what the RTP is, it is always there and so if you play for long enough you will always lose all of your money to the house. That’s why you need to stick to your budget, choose the game with the highest RTP and accept that you will probably lose some money.

If you’re playing for the sheer enjoyment of a well-designed game, you’ll always get something out of it even if what you get is not money. Choose themes, layouts and executions that you like so that you get the most out of actually spinning the reels. Take advantage of as many bonuses and promotions as you can, and have fun. Look at winning money on a slots game as a pleasant surprise, rather than the point.

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