Predictions For The Future Of Social Games

Social casino games are fast taking over the market as one of the most popular ways to play. This new, socially-reliant industry has grown to one valued at over $3.4 billion, with an extra billion expected to be added to that figure by 2017 according to experts at Eilers Research.

Accounting for about 4% of industry revenues, social casino gaming is a modest but fast-growing segment. Now, several predictions from Eilers’ Adam Krejcik suggest great things for the future of social gaming should it continue to grow in popularity with players around the world.

  1. Skill play in social games

Krejcik has predicted that you’ll see plenty more skill-based game play integrated into social casino games in the future. This new trend may follow in the footsteps of eSports, as well as a preference for skill-based gaming from younger Millennial players. Social casino games at present are focused mainly on luck, but integrating skill elements will allow operators to expand their horizons when it comes to their players.

  1. Virtual reality will become big

Virtual reality (VR) casino is another trend that’s taking the iGaming world by storm right now. Krejcik reckpons that it may take time before VR headsets become a popular fixture for players, but he believes that social casino games will be one of the first genres to be incorporated into the VR casino realm. It’s expected that VR casino games will be immersive and engaging, which will logically mean that they’ll be easily monetized. Many players also know how to play social games already, lessening the necessary learning curve.

  1. Live social games will emerge

Live dealer casino games are appearing at online and mobile casino sites – like Gaming Club – across the globe. These games use real, live dealers to assist players via a live video stream, making for a more authentic gaming experience. At the moment, certain companies are busy developing ways to make social casino games a lot more social thanks to the addition of live dealers. Poker is a prime candidate, but it remains to be seen what the final results of this will be.

  1. Social games appear at casinos

This point is purely theoretical for the moment, but Eilers Research has predicted purely social online slots appearing at land-based casinos. The research firm has even suggested that free, social casino games may end up at prestigious brick and mortar casinos like those in Vegas, as online brands have definite potential in terms of being adapted to the real-world market.

  1. Large-screen phones trump iPads

As more large-screen smartphones are released onto the market, the sales of iPads and other popular tablets are dwindling. As a result, social casino games might well be developed for the devices that are exceeding the iPad’s popularity, including smartphones and even Apple TVs and watches.

  1. Wall Street notice social games

Social casino games and their creators may have temperamental stock prices at the moment, but this is set to change. Krejcik is of the opinion that many major social casino developers are undervalued on Wall Street, and that these companies could gain more value by getting investors to notice their fast-growing F2P divisions and non-gambling social casino platforms.

  1. Social casino gets more social

Many casinos have already implemented social features with outstanding results. The prediction here is that more casinos will implement active player networks, which will help them to monetize better. By convincing players to play social casino games for longer, it will be easier to get them to spend more money, thus boosting social gaming revenues in the process!

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