The Perks of Playing Jacks or Better

Classic games are classics for a good reason, or in the case of Jacks or Better, a few good reasons. Based on the traditional 5-card draw, it has the distinction of being one of the first video pokers ever developed.

We think the game has its perks, and we tell you exactly why we think so below.

First Impressions are Lasting

If you want to start playing video poker, Jacks or Better is one of the best places to start. The simplicity of the game means it can be learned quickly.

The basic gameplay you learn when you play the game, as well as some of the basic strategies you can apply, will give you a good foundation for when you move on to playing other types of video poker, which we mention on our Video Poker page.

Strategies From the Start

With Jacks or Better being so easy to learn, another perk is being able to start using basic strategies from your very first game. Your only goal in the game is to build a winning hand, and the strongest one possible.

To do this, you need to decide which of your first deal of 5 cards to hold or if you should draw new cards, if necessary.

A basic strategy is to know which cards to hold or replace, based on the strength of your initial hand. If you have 5 random low cards, draw 5 new cards. If you have 1 or 2 high cards, hold them and draw new cards. If you have 2 to a Royal Flush, hold the 2 and draw 3 new cards.

If you have 3 to a Straight Flush, hold the 3 and draw 2 new cards. If you have 4 to a Straight, hold the 4 and draw a new card. If you are dealt a Flush, Full House, 4 of a Kind, Straight Flush, or Royal Flush, hold all your cards!

A Generous Paytable

Generous paytables are also a perk of playing video poker. Two cards is all it takes for a hand that pays, as payouts begin with a pair of Jacks or better, and some games even offer special bonus payouts for 4 of a Kind.

Last, but by no means least, the RTP of Jacks or Better often approaches 99 percent. If that’s not a perk, we don’t know what is.

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