What’s the Latest News With Apple?

Apple Store
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology products, Apple has never come up with a platform that gamers have truly rated. That said, the iPhone 11 is one of the best smartphones around, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. You can use it with Apple Arcade, a subscription service, or make use of its excellent graphics ... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to the New Online Slot: Fortress Charge™

Gamingclub Casino: Fortress Charge
Like many of , Fortress Charge has an instant visual appeal with smooth animation and excellent graphics. Anyone who looks at it for even a second will be transported to a magical realm, which looks like it is set in the high Middle Ages. The game features plenty of fantasy that might put you in mind for the Knights of the Round Table, Hogwarts ... Continue Reading →

Announcing EA Sports Rugby 2021

Rugby Player, Video Game
Rugby – it’s a beautiful game and the most popular sport in New Zealand. Now rugby is about to make a different sort of gaming history – EA Sports is going to release Rugby 21! This is big news for sports fans especially in New Zealand, whose mighty national team the All Blacks have done the country proud by winning no fewer ... Continue Reading →

What’s the Score With the New Online Slot, 11 Champions?

Gaming Club: Champions
Every so often, there is with a sporting theme. This is certainly the case with the new online slot 11 Champions, the latest release from , the highly respected casino mobile game developer. Of course, nearly every mobile casino in Canada has games that are themed on winter sports, especially hockey, but this one is focussed on the ... Continue Reading →