Online Slots Games With Magical Themes

Every now and then, we all love to delve into the supernatural world of magic. It’s always captivating when imagining what the world would be like if we had wands and the power to cast magical spells, or curses! The theme of magic has always been an incredibly popular one, and these days it has also trickled into the world of online slots games. There are plenty of magic themed games out there, with witches, wizards, fortune tellers and the like adorning the reels, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites so that you can enjoy them too. 

Merlin’s Millions

Featuring five reels and 50 paylines, Merlin’s Millions theme centres on the iconic sorcerer after which this online slots game was named. This slots game boasts colourful, high quality graphics and a number of bonus features, which include ample scatter symbols, as well as wild symbols. The game also offers players a SuperBet option, which promises to help them reap very generous rewards.

The Alchemist

This online slots game offers players a glimpse into an alchemist’s chambers. Real money players get to enjoy icons such as an alchemist’s book and magical potions, with amulets adorning the reels. This game has been lauded for its fantastic graphics, however, it is its bonus features that make for exciting playing, as they include plenty of wild symbols and more extra features than one would expect from an online slots game.

Gypsy Queen

From time to time, who isn’t tempted to know what may happen in the future? Gypsy Queen is a graphic rich game that invites players in and thrills them with fortunes of a different kind. While the Gypsy Queen herself may not actually be able to tell what lies ahead for players, she can certainly help them reap great fortune with the extra spins, bonus games and features that come along with this game.

Playing an online slots game that features a magic, or any supernatural theme, has the ability to make players believe in the subject matter on which they are based. Furthermore, these games often offer fantastic opportunities for huge jackpot wins. Try one of these games out, and you may just enjoy a little bit of the magic for yourself.

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