Tips For Staying Safe Online

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Recently, we shared an article with you about the rise mobile usage, and we all know that a smartphone is one of the most commonly used devices to get online. Today, we have decided to share with you some of the best tips for using your mobile phone so that you stay safe and private online.

Online Privacy and Online Security are more and more important. But what if you are spending your money online? Your Bank Details must be safe and secure. If you are trying to win in an online casino playing online pokies – you want to be sure, that your money and your details are safe. An Online Casino like Gaming Club has more than 25 Years’ experience. Keeping all costumer data private is very important! And…if you can conduct your transactions conveniently as well as safely, you’ll be able to focus and spend as much of your online time as possible on your games.

How To Protect Your Privacy Online?

A lot of people are very concerned about their privacy online these days – especially due to the very public scandals over Facebook and other social media platforms. We have collated a few graphs for you, to illustrate just how many people are concerned about it!

Share of internet users who are more concerned about their online privacy compared to a year ago as of February 2019, by country:


Share of internet users who are more concerned about their online privacy compared to a year ago as of February 2019, by region:


How can I protect my online privacy?

The main issue here would be to limit the personal information you share on social media – as all of it is tracked, and often re-sold to third parties. You can also use VPN (virtual private networks) to hide what you are doing from your ISP, be very careful about your passwords, use quality antivirus software and secure your mobile devices.

Can people see what I search online?

Yes, they can. Everything you view online is seen by your Internet Service Provider and / or your mobile service provider. Also, if you are browsing online by using your work or school WiFi, the system administrators can also see what you are doing. So if you think you can browse or do something illegal online, without being seen – think again.

What is difference between security and privacy?

Security is about protecting and keeping your data safe, and privacy is about safeguarding your identity online. Specifically, though, security refers to protection against access to your data that you didn’t authorise. Online privacy is about your identity and private information, such as your name, banking data and such.

Can anyone see what I do on my phone?

Your phone contains months and years of personal information – banking data, voicemails, texts, photos, GPS location data, private notes, etc. It’s a near complete record of your life. Imagine how awful it would be if someone went rummaging through that! Unfortunately the answer to the above question is yes, there are spy apps that can sit hidden on your phone and spy on your activities.

Cybersecurity and online privacy concerns among adults in the United States as of September 2018:


Why is privacy so important?

Your identity doesn’t just define who you are – it controls how you are seen online by other people and computers. For example, it includes your face, your banking information and any private information about your professional life or your family. Nobody would want their identity stolen, and to discover that it was used for some nasty purpose – this could ruin your reputation and even your life!


Is online privacy a right?

Yes it is, because privacy helps individuals maintain their autonomy and individuality. By exercising the power of privacy over your information, you define yourself as a person. However, even in countries with strong privacy policies, it’s often difficult to shield yourself from bad and dishonest people, and it’s your responsibility to protect yourself online – and not rely on legislation alone.

Why and how should you protect your username and password information?

You should always be careful about revealing your username and password information online! There are dishonest people in the world who can impersonate you to commit fraud and other crimes like theft, ruining your reputation on social media, sending emails in your name, etc. So, to protect yourself, always make used to use strong, good passwords, and keep them safe. Use a password vault if you want to, they can be very good, but do your research first.


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