How Online Casinos Can Attract More Women

Land-based casinos have traditionally had a predominantly male clientele, and while this has been slow to change, there are more women on the floor now. In particular, women poker stars are on the rise with one professional female claiming that she often sees at least one fellow member of the fairer sex sitting at each table when she walks into a poker room.

While land-based gambling venues are hosting more and more women, this change is even more noticeable in online casino players. Perhaps because of the convenience or the anonymity, or perhaps because the games allow for practice rounds and smaller bets for inexperienced players, females who might not otherwise have played are finding that spending their time at online and mobile casinos is very worthwhile.

While women are feeling more comfortable with casino games in general and while the online and mobile revolution in the industry have made them even more likely to play, men are still more represented. Online casinos are always looking for new ways to boost their revenue, and the untapped cache of potential female players is a great way to do that. To do it properly and attract the greatest numbers, it’s important for operators to understand what might draw women to online casinos, and why. They can then adapt their offerings accordingly.

The Games People Play

In general, it would seem that action and an element of danger are more important to men than women in their casino games. That’s why males usually enjoy Craps, Baccarat and other table games more. Strategy-based games like Poker and Blackjack also appeal to their natural sense of competition and desire to go up against an opponent – in this case, fellow tablemates or the casino.

For women, the social and recreational aspects of playing casino games are the most important. That’s why their favourite entertainments are often Lottery or Scratchcard games, or Bingo games that offer Live Chat options, or no-deposit game options that allow you to play without risking any cash of your own.

To ensure that more women play at more online establishments, it’s important to offer enough of the games that appeal to them. As social media platforms are more woven into online casino offerings, this also creates more earning and exposure potential from females for casinos.

Slots for All

One area where men and women both seem to enjoy themselves is Slots games. They can be played for free or for very little money, and have a hearty helping of adrenaline and instant action, so everyone is happy. The different themes that are seen in different Slots games also go a long way to explaining this; some appeal to males, some appeal to females, and some appeal to both.

Superhero-themed video slots, or those based on adventure or classic playboy pursuits, capture the imaginations of men very well. For women, fantasy-based Slots are very appealing. Both tend to enjoy holiday-themed games, as well as the gentler and more vintage Classic Slot games.

Once again, it’s important for casinos and developers to give enough attention to every theme option. This goes all the way down to the colour scheme of the Slots games; women prefer bright and cheery visuals while men do better with darker tones. This should also be taken into account when designing games to appeal to women.

Desirable Bonuses

Just as important as what women want to play is what they want their bonus rewards to be. Bonuses shouldn’t require players to have to take too much risk if they want to appeal to women, as they are naturally more conservative than men. If the bonuses are dedicated to specific games, these should also be the ones that female audiences are most interested in.

Online casinos also often give away luxury holidays, technological gadgets and other rewards as part of their bonuses, so these could be specifically aimed at women too. Spa getaways and shopping sprees are the first things that spring to mind, and these are just the tip of the iceberg! In terms of Loyalty Programmes, one of the first perks might be a personalised account manager, since women appreciate individual attention and feeling that they are taken care of.

A Good Balance

As casinos try to draw more female players in, they should take just as much care not to alienate their male players. Superhero and Fantasy Slots, and Bingo and Blackjack games, should all balance each other out to create an online or mobile casino that has something to offer everyone.

This is the challenge that casinos face, and it is only by staying in close contact with their players and listening to what they have to say that they can effectively meet their needs. Since this means they keep expanding their business, it’s good news for everyone!

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