On Ice with Break Away Online Slots

On Ice with Break Away Online Slots

We can almost feel the chill of the stadium. The sound of thousands of screaming fans as their favourite hockey team gracefully glides over fresh ice echoes off of steel balconies and hard plastic chairs.

Break Away by Microgaming brings the thrill of one of the most exciting, physical and sometimes brutal sports on the planet to the reels, and we absolutely love it.

A Storied Past

Games like ice hockey, even ones played on dirt instead of ice, can be traced back thousands of years. Sports played with curved sticks and round balls can actually be seen in four thousand year old Egyptian carvings. The game of hurling, a hockey-like sport, dates all the way back to twelve hundred BC in Ireland. A game called kerhtízein was played in six hundred BC with horns in ancient Greece and the Daur culture in Mongolia have been playing a game the equivalent to field hockey for over one thousand years.

The game was banned in the 1500s in Ireland in favour of football, but that didn’t stop it from keeping hold in other cultures – evolving and changing into the game we know and love today. It was in the eighteen hundreds that rules and regulations began to form hockey into a proper sport. The icy conditions often found in Canada and the northern parts of the United States lead to the adaptation and transition from dirt to hard, cold, frozen water. Out went the shoes and in came the skates, and the game of ice hockey was ready to make its way onto both your television and gaming screens. Forget the balls; we now have the vulcanized rubber discs known as pucks.

Game On

Every element in Break Away oozes the excitement, raw power and fun that accompany an epic game of ice hockey. Symbols include fully kitted out players, intense face-offs, the brave referees with more skating talent than most professional ice skaters and all of the tools of the trade.

Flaming goalie masks and razor sharp ice skates also make an appearance with a professional ice rink hosting an intense game rounding out the symbols. Oh – and we can’t forget the four wheeled ice resurfacer. A favourite among younger fans, and often referred to as the trademarked Zamboni machine, this critical tool keeps the ice smooth and level after its been ripped apart through the intense sliding, stopping and sprinting of professional players. First developed in 1949 by Frank Zamboni, a trip to your favourite rink wouldn’t be the same without it!

Smashing Wilds

The Smashing Wild bonus feature in Break Away is really the most important piece of the puzzle for locking down big wins. While it’s a feature that is triggered randomly while you get your spin on, it’s none the less something to look out and cross your fingers for!

The good thing is that it’s almost impossible to miss. You’ll be minding your own business, spinning away, when animated hockey players will smash their way into either reel two, reel three or reel four. It can be rather jarring until you realise what’s happening, but once you do, you’re guaranteed a massive smile. As the hockey players tumble in, one of the reels is going to turn into wilds with a guaranteed win If the player is lucky enough for the Wilds to land on reel two, they are in the ideal position, as stacked wilds can already appear on reels three four and five!

So are you ready to put on your skates and hit the ice? It’s time for one of the most demanding and yet wildly entertaining games around. It’s game on with Break Away!

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