New Game Tiki Vikings Has A Reel Punch!

Gaming Club Casino: Tiki-vikings-New-slot-gameSource: Microgaming

If the title confuses you, then so will the game! In what can only be described as an oddball merging of concepts, Tiki Vikings presents players with an online slots game that mixes its genres to offer a quirky gaming experience. The very definition of the word Tiki implies objects and customs of the tropical islands of the South Pacific. Last this writer checked, Vikings didn’t venture down that side of the world, but in this game, not only did they go down there and get doused in the culture, they came back with it! And that’s what really gives this new online slots game it’s visual edge. Tiki Vikings is the brainchild of JFTW (Just For The Win), a company known for its affiliation with renowned content producer- Microgaming.

Why Choose JFTW?

So why elect to play a game by a bunch of fresh-faced content producers? Because with new kids on the block comes new ideas and new innovations! With Tiki Vikings Online Slots, JFTW have opted to combine themes to generate the interest of the game-playing public and to  make sure you’re bound to play and play some more, have injected it with the kind features that will up your heart-rate and provide real chances for real wins. From Re-Spins to Symbol Upgrades, this game’s got some serious potential, all held together by a bunch of cute Vikings.

Lines, Rows & Paylines

Tiki Vikings keeps it real with its standard reel structure consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 20 fixed paylines. Sometimes the best thing is the simplest thing and JFTW definitely knows this. By relying on more cartoonish graphics, a fixed payline system and essentially two main win-enhancing features, the company has crafted an online slots game that doesn’t try to be anything more than it should – good fun and entertainment – and nothing more.

Gaming Club Casino: Tiki vikings New slot gameSource: Microgaming

Tiki Vikings Features

All wins in this game are paid from left to right and will require at least three like-symbols on a fixed payline. Naturally, the more lines you bet on, the higher the likelihood of winning, but it will also cost you more, so play wisely. Your entry into a fun whacky humid yet frozen paradise is made real the second you click or tap that spin button. Available as both an online slot and mobile slot game, Tiki Vikings offers your standard symbols and then delivers its theme by way of its beard-clad Hawaiian-dressed Vikings.

The first big feature of this game is the symbol Lock Re-Spin and it’s followed by the Symbol Upgrade. Both these features are equally exciting and ready to pay out that extra that every player is looking for! The Re-Spin feature occurs whenever a win brought about by symbols other than J, K, Q and A is achieved. In other words a win is achieved by the Tiki Vikings themselves. After you’ve scored a win this way, the winning symbols will lock and freeze while the rest of the reels spin again and at no extra cost. In addition to this, if you win on the Re-Spin, those winning symbols will also lock while you are awarded with yet another Re-spin.

The Symbol Upgrade brings with it more chances for more rewards and this time round it all rests on the shoulders of the Upgrade Meter. The Upgrade Meter climbs by one segment each time you achieve a win through the Re-Spin feature, hence these two features are interconnected. Once the symbol meter is full, all the locked symbols will upgrade to the next bigger and more valuable symbol. Thereafter the meter will reset itself and the process will start all from over again.

Gaming Club Casino: Tiki vikings New slot gameSource: Microgaming

The Vikings are waiting at Gaming Club

This is true. The Vikings are waiting on you at gaming Club Online Casino, all you have to do is register an account or log into your already existing Gaming Club account. And that’s the thing about a brand like Gaming Club; it’s been around so long, that if you’re a veteran player, odds are you’ve got an account already.

The staying power of the Gaming Club cannot be denied – this is the original internet casino and the very same establishment that came into being all those years ago back in 1994. Yes, it’s seen its fair share of changes as any brand that enjoys a sustained existence would, but through it all, it has remained the Gaming Club. Take in the snazzy environment while playing true classics like online blackjack or online roulette or up the ante and switch to an exclusive selection of live dealer casino games. With a cash bonus for newcomers and ongoing specials for regulars, you’re in for quite the time, whether electing to play on your PC or your smartphone. Kick things into action with Tiki Vikings Online Slots and let this game lead you to the luck you so desire.

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