New Online Slot Game – Ivory Citadel™

Gaming Club Casino: Ivory Citadel Online SlotSource: Microgaming

It’s another month and those in the know, know what that means! For those not initiated yet, you’ll be pleased to know that a brand new mobile online casino game is headed your way! Ivory Citadel is the latest release from Just For The Win (JFTW), an independent company with close ties to gaming giant, Microgaming. A new slot adventure is always something to look forward to as it offers up a new world to explore and a new way to win. At Gaming Club Mobile Online Casino, there’s always a reason to return, and one of those reasons is the monthly release of at least 1 to 3 slot games. November 2019 brings with it an adventure deep into the Asian landscape into a world never before touched upon by human hands where a treasure is guarded by a string of animals known only in those parts. Are you ready to start the new adventure that is Ivory Citadel Online Slot?

Remote Into A Remote Part of the World…

The beauty of mobile casino gaming is that it allows you to remote into your casino account from pretty much anywhere. In doing so, you’ll be remoting into the remotest part of Asia when you play Ivory Citadel.  Two ancient stone pillars with elephants attached to them provide an entry point to a large staircase, reminiscent of the Great Wall of China, leading all the way up to massive citadel at the top of a formidable forest-clad mountain. Mist and heavy vegetation completes the visual façade of this mobile online casino game and at the centre of those pillars lie the reels…

Let the Reel Fun Start!

Ivory Citadel comes in quite stock-standard with its 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. By all accounts you don’t get more standard or template-like than that, but don’t be fooled would-be online casino player, for Ivory Citadel, despite it’s somewhat average surface look, is actually guarding some really cool and nifty features. These features can spring to life on your smartphone and force you to crack a smile so wide, it will crack a mirror!  A further analysis of this game will soon reveal its secrets and with luck and patience, you too could uncover these secrets.

Gaming Features

In order to make Ivory Citadel a mobile casino game worth checking out, Microgaming and Just For The Win have injected a series of features into it, sure to garner repeat visits. In terms if imagery, tigers, oxen, snakes and elephants will engulf the reels. These creatures are presented

in exotic colours, exceptional symmetry, and appear to be carved from stone. It all ties in perfectly with the games ancient theme. Like many online slot games before it, this game carries two major symbols, which not only reward on their own, but serve as conduits into the features. All in all, Ivory Citadel will give mobile casino players the ability to profit from Mystery Symbols, Sticky Mystery Symbols, Sticky Wild Reels and of course, a Free Spins Feature, which ties into the two aforementioned features.

Gaming Club Casino: Ivory Citadel Online SlotSource: Microgaming

Mystery Symbols

With Ivory Citadel, every single spin is an opportunity to win, and this is clearly illustrated by the Mystery Symbol, represented by a golden question mark encircled in gold. After a spin, should a Mystery Symbol land on the reels, it will transform into any other symbol with the exception of the Free Spins symbol. The mere transformation process is enough to excite your heart as you watch and wait for a potential win!

Sticky Mystery Symbols

This particular feature only occurs within the Free Spin Feature, but boy oh boy, is it worth waiting for! In order to find yourself within the Free Spins feature, at least three Free Spin symbols would need to appear on the reels. Anything between 8, 10 or 12 spins will be awarded.  While those heart-thumping spins count down, any Mystery Symbols that appear will become sticky. In other words, they will remain locked on the reels for the duration of the spins, and when that happens, anything can happen!

Gaming Club Casino: Ivory Citadel Online SlotSource: Microgaming

Sticky Wild Reel

This feature is also found exclusively within the Free Spins feature and if it strikes, your luck factor is once again dramatically increased. If any one of the reels contains only Sticky Mystery Symbols, they will all turn Wild and remain that way until all your spins have been counted down.

Play it with Gaming Club™

Ivory Citadel doesn’t just offer chance after chance for fantastic wins, it also offers the secure and safe environment that can only be backed up by an online casino operator like Gaming Club. For 25 years Gaming Club has provided players with peace of mind and the ability to win mega rewards. If you’re not a member yet but you’re yearning to play on your smartphone or tablet, then let Ivory Citadel be the perfect excuse to join the club.

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