Feel the Rush With Mining Fever

Mining Fever MicrogamingSource: Microgaming

There is something about the inescapable allure of gold that makes men go a little bit feverish.  It is not just men, of course. In folklore, dwarves have traditionally tunnelled beneath even the highest mountain ranges in search of the precious metal. In Mining Fever, the superbly presented new online pokie from Rabcat, you get the chance to strike it lucky in the company of a trio of mining dwarves. The casino game has all the elements you could wish for from the current generation of online pokies with fast gameplay, amusing graphics and some excellent features to take advantage of. What can you expect if you choose to make this online pokie the next one you will enjoy getting into?

Mining Fever – The Look and Feel

Getting used to the gameplay in Mining Fever is pretty straightforward as you would expect from an established game publisher, like Microgaming. This is a five-reel online pokie that will pay out in over 240 different combinations. The main characters you will see are named Driler, Thundar and Bombur, each seemingly trying to outdo the others with the amount of facial hair they can produce. These gold-obsessed dwarves come into play when you are accessing the game’s main features – but more of that later.

Overall, Mining Fever has clearly been designed for a standard desktop orientation but it still works perfectly well on smaller, mobile devices from a visual perspective. The graphics really do transport you into an underground world but it is more like going mining with Snow White’s seven dwarves than it is toiling in a subterranean lair without ever having the chance to see the light again. The animation runs smoothly when the reels are spinning and there are some other great animated touches, too, such as the dust that is thrown up when you see one of Bombur’s high explosives going off.

What Features Are There in Mining Fever?

There are four main features you can enjoy in Mining Fever. These are Driler’s Dwarven Drill, Thundar’s Dwarven Hammer and Bombur’s Dwarven Bomb, as well as the Dwarven Gold Train feature. Driler is triggered when his two scatter symbols appear on your screen. You then obtain a bonus spin but with one reel chosen as a gold vein which means that wild symbols will appear on all three of its rows.

Bombur will release some explosives for you if his two scatter symbols turn up following a spin. When this happens, his bomb will appear randomly on one of the three middle reels. You then get not one but two bonus spins. In the first of these, the bomb symbol is effectively a fixed wild. Spin once more and the bomb will be let off causing either three or four wild symbols to fall onto the screen at random positions.

When Thundar’s pair of scatter symbols appear, you also get a bonus spin to try your luck with. This one works slightly differently because two reels that are next to each other – either reels one and two or reels two and three – will be filled with the same symbol. Again, which symbol appears is entirely down to luck.

Finally, three scatter symbols appearing at once will mean you get eight bonus spins plus the chance to open up the game’s Dwarven Gold Train feature. This means that the mine’s train will move over the whole playing area leaving wild symbols in its wake. Every time you take a bonus spin, the train will move in a random fashion leaving you with an extra wild at every stop it makes.

Mining Fever – Facts and Figures

So much for the design and features you can have some fun with. What many players will want to know are some key facts about Mining Fever. Perhaps most importantly, the game is classified as one with low volatility and a total hit frequency of 29.23 per cent. All players, whether they are new to online pokies or not, will be pleased to know that Mining Fever provides a good payout percentage, too, which stands at 96.13 out of 100. Even better, all 243 ways of winning are permanently enabled when you take a turn. What’s more, the game will highlight any winning combination you happened to have come up with for you so you don’t need to check for yourself! With so much to it and such an atmospheric game design, Mining Fever could be the game that keeps you entertained for some time to come.

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