The Mobile Gaming Market Today

It is safe to say that the world of mobile gambling has become an exceptionally large business in a short amount of time, a boom that has had a huge impact on players all over the world.

While one of the quickest ways to see this massive increase in popularity is by looking at the average amount of money that is now spent by players on in-game purchases, it is imperative that we take a look at all the factors that could possibly give rise to a boom such as this one.

Next Level Gaming

In 2016, the mobile gaming industry managed to reach new levels of success when the revenues in the United States reached $41 billion, which, according to leading market researchers named SuperData Research, is essentially 18% more than 2015.

Mobile games were miles ahead of the other sectors in the gaming market, which even includes retail gaming that brought in revenues of as much as $26 billion for the entire year. What’s more, these revenues are actually anticipated to increase in 2017 and this is said to be because of the clear rise in the amount spent on in-game purchases.

Big Names Mean Big Money

The fact that a number of the big brand games also featured in the list of top 20 for in-game spend per player comes as little surprise, considering just how powerful the franchises are. We’re talking huge titles like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which has thrived after the rebirth of the long praised Star Wars brand and the current and imminent release of the latest episodes.

Another example of a mobile game franchise that saw a high in-game spend per player average in 2016 was the Marvel Contest of Champions game, reaping the rewards of movie releases like Deadpool, Doctor Strange, X-Men Apocalypse and Captain America.

The Gambling Bug

Mobile casino gaming is one area in particular that has seen a surge in activity, with developers now seeing the financial rewards and releasing casinos that are mobile-specific. Millions and millions of downloads occur in a single year, and that is simply in the United States.

There is absolutely no doubt that the mobile gambling industry will grow in the future as more developers come to the table and focus their attention on mobile engagement.

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