Discover New Real Roulette with Bailey

Real Roulette with BaileySource: Microgaming

Like millions of players around the world, we love all forms of the King of Casino Games. However, we are happy to admit that there is something special about dealers using real equipment, which is why we love new Real Roulette with Bailey.

The brand-new release joined our collection of state-of-the-art online Roulette games on 20 January. Everything about it makes it look like it is a live dealer game. There are crystal-clear visuals, amazing sound, the charming Bailey herself, and a user-friendly interface. Now, while the dealer and the wheel are as real as can be, Real Roulette with Bailey is not actually a live dealer game.

Instead, what you experience when you play the new release from Real Dealer Studios and Microgaming is the first in what is to be a line of ground-breaking casino games. Real Roulette with Bailey offers uniquely luxurious gaming by combining reliable RNG gameplay with first-rate cinematography.

Real, Not Live

We need to be clear here – when you play new Real Roulette with Bailey, you really are playing Roulette. The new game uses the familiar European rules and it offers the traditional bets.

How, then, can it not be a live dealer game? Easily. Bailey isn’t a dealer as such. She is an actress, and what appear to be live scenes are pre-recorded. A full post-production team ensures that the finished product is polished and seamless, and convincing enough to look and feel like live dealer gaming.

However, as much as it may look like the demure, delightful Bailey is accepting your bets and producing the results, that is not quite what is going on. The actress certainly is using the wheel, but the results you get when you play the game are produced by powerful RNG software. The various scenes of the woman and the wheel are seamlessly integrated with the actual gameplay that you enjoy.

Roulette As You Know It

The concept behind new Real Roulette with Bailey may be cutting-edge, but the action is the classic devil’s game. The basic rules of the European variant were used, which is sure to be a hit with players.

If you are not familiar with them, those rules unpin the most basic form of the game. They are the best for beginners to learn, and even experienced players enjoy playing the variant. The new game also lets you enjoy advanced gaming.

Real Roulette with BaileySource: Microgaming

To play Real Roulette with Bailey, you need to pick the wheel pocket in which you think the ball will land. There are different ways of doing this. You can choose an outside bet such as red/black, and stand an almost 50/50 chance of winning, or you can opt for one of the trickier inside bets.

You even can play with advanced special bets such as those you would ordinarily find in the French and in some special variants of Roulette. The special bets menu features 10 popular configurations.

Special Features

New Real Roulette with Bailey also comes with other special features that you can use to enhance your game or help you choose numbers or the colour on which to bet. One of the features is the Special Bets menu, which offers red/black splits, 007, Random 7, Les Orphelins, Les Voisins du zero, Tiers du cylindre, and Zero Game.

The Racetrack bets option lets you change the way in which betting options are displayed. The default setting is to show the inside and outside bets in columns. If you select the Racetrack option, the bets will be shown in an oval racetrack format similar to the wheel.

The Favourite Bets feature is particularly handy if you are a regular player. It is a customisable menu to which you can add the bets you enjoy placing most of all. The feature lets you save up to 6 different configurations. What’s more, it makes it so much more convenient to place them.

Real Roulette with Bailey also has a Statistics feature. Using it accesses statistics that are based on the game’s previous 100 spins. Among them are hit percentages for colours, evens, odds, columns, thirds, halves, zero, and individual numbers. There also are hot and cold numbers.

Playing the Game

We love the lush, immersive gaming experience offered by Real Roulette with Bailey. Honestly, it looks and feels like live dealer action without the live chat with other players.

The concept and format are fantastic, but one of the things we found most attractive about the new offering from Real Dealer Studios and Microgaming is the 97.30% RTP. Throw the 48.65% hit rate as well as low volatility into the mix, and you have a truly powerful online casino game.

You can adjust the value of the chips to play new Real Roulette with Bailey for anything between the 0.25 minimum and 125.00 maximum bets. The game’s exciting and authentic, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from the provider!

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