A Look At The Best Gaming PCs

The Velocity Micro Raptor Z95Source: PC Mag

When talking about gaming, there is just no beating the raw power and abundant resources of a PC. Consoles have their benefits no doubt, but those who are serious about gaming know that a PC always provides a superior experience. At least it’s the superior experience if you demand the latest video games, with the graphic’s settings turned up to maximum. If you are playing other games, like casino games, then you’ll be able to enjoy premium quality entertainment on just about every PC or mobile device, as these games run at different specs and don’t require the same resources.

But what exactly makes a PC better than a console?

Simply put, the world of PC technology moves forward, while consoles are stuck in a bubble. The latest consoles are roughly the equivalent to 5-year-old PCs, and that speaks for itself. The average gaming PC just has more to work with; more RAM, a faster CPU, and a drastically more powerful GPU. This ultimately means superior graphical fidelity, and a higher frame rate.

PC Part Necessity

A gaming PC is nothing more than the sum of its parts, and not all parts have an equal impact on gaming. The GPU, or graphics processing unit, is going to be doing the bulk of the work. As such it’s the focus of attention when buying a PC for the express purpose of gaming. There is a variety of GPUs on the market, ranging from modest, to immensely overpowered.

The CPU, or central processing unit, is less important as far as gaming is concerned. For the most part a CPU need not be top of the range in a gaming PC. The RAM, or random access memory, is all about quantity. In the best gaming PCs more than a certain amount is not necessary. 16 gigabytes is more than enough.

Prebuilt Best Gaming PCs

It is always cheaper to buy PC parts separately, and assemble them yourself. A little research and a YouTube video will help with this. Premium pre-built gaming PCs are also available, and these are some of the best gaming PCs.

1. Velocity Micro Raptor Z95

A powerful rig offering absolutely everything needed for top end gaming, and then some. This is overkill where pre-built gaming PCs are concerned, but keep in mind that this PC will be top end for years to come, meaning that a buyer need not even bother with upgrading for at least 5 years. Cheaper options are available.

2. Origin Neuron

Cheaper than the above PC, but still coming with enough power to play games to their full potential. Anyone wanting to spend less, and still get bang for their buck should start here. It isn’t as powerful, but certainly powerful enough for gaming. An excellent choice.

3. MSI GP72

If you like your gaming on the go, a gaming laptop might be just what you’re looking for. The MSI GP72 may not have the specs of the above-mentioned PCs, but is still a great entry level gaming platform. Plus, you can take it anywhere, and play for about 4 hours.

4. Alienware R3 range

A portable midrange gaming PC is nothing to take lightly. This portable beast has 6 hour battery life, and enough power to play the vast majority of games to their full potential. Plus it comes standard with advanced OLED display, for outstanding image quality.

5. Asus ROG Strix GL502VS

More power, but with a lower battery life than the Alienware, this is a true gaming laptop that rivals desktop PCs. Just about as good as it gets, while still keeping your wallet mostly intact. It offers excellent value for money in the portable gaming department and a must for players on the move.

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