Land a Winning Catch with Reel Spinner Online Slots

Reel Spinner Online Slots Game

The fresh ocean breeze blows hard as a mix of salt and mist blows in your face. The boat gracefully jumps the incoming waves they swell from the deep blue ocean under the hull. The sky is clear and the sun is out. It’s the perfect day for reeling in the catch of a lifetime!  

For as long as humans have recorded history, fishing has been seen as one of the most prolific forms of sustaining life. From casting into the shallows of a lagoon to using huge casting nets over the sides of wooden boats, ancient fisherman have been depending on the ocean as a way or earning a living and also a way of feeding them families for thousands and thousands of years.

While the technology has changed, and perhaps to some extent our motivation for fishing, it is still one of the most practiced sports in the world. Some still practice the same techniques that their cultures have utilised for centuries while others brave the oceans in the most technologically advanced machines available. Fish finders, weather radars, carbon fibre rods and thousand dollar reels are all part of what make up the modern day art of fishing.

Whether you love the sport because of its historied past or because of the epic challenge it poses those who dare to participate in it, you’ll love Microgaming’s new slot release, Reel Spinner, which made its debut in July. It takes all of the fun and excitement of one of the world’s favourite pastimes and brings it right to your screen!

Bounties from the Sea

 As one would expect, Microgaming incorporates tons of elements of deep-sea fishing into Reel Spinner. The slot symbols are made up of various things that are essential to a great day out on the water.

How are you going to go deep sea fishing without a boat? Well, we suppose you could swim, but don’t imagine that you’d get very far! Good thing for us we’ve got a dual engine fishing boat along with a sturdy throttle to push us far out to sea where the big fish live. And we’d be lost without the bright blue compass symbol to guide us back home. But probably the most important element is the trust gold fishing reel attached to the high performance rod, because you know the fish aren’t going to just jump into the boat!

Other symbols include the various fish species that one might find while deep-sea fishing. These include the fearsome, sharp-toothed barracuda, the bright yellow and green mahi-mahi, the tasty gulf red snapper, the enormous yellow-finned tuna and finally the stunning rainbow coloured flying fish. Any of these would be a great catch!

Big Strikes

Just like the powerful strikes of the fish in the ocean, this slot offers a big bonus for the player to take advantage of. One of the most prized fish, the deadly swordfish, serves as a scatter symbol in Reel Spinner. If you can land three or more of these daunting foes, prepare yourself for a bonus game! Pick any one of the six floating boats in order to unlock a number of free spins. The max is twenty so cross your fingers. After that, click the reel to determine your multiplier.

Also watch out for the Reel Spinner logo. It’s a wild and can substitute for any symbol besides the scatter in order to make a winning line.

So step aboard, pull up the anchor and check those lines. It’s time to hit the high seas in search of the catch of a lifetime!

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