The Increasing Popularity of Dice Games

Not too long ago, players could count on one hand the number of dice games available at an online casino. In land based casinos the only dice game worthy of its own table was craps or Sic bo if you were playing in one of the Asian countries.

Today, we are seeing a growing number of dice games enter the online casino market. From basic high low games to more complicated video dice games, there is a definite emergence of dice themed games.

Have you ever stopped to ask why this may be? We take a look at why online casino dice games are becoming increasingly popular.

Classic Dice Games

Online Casino dice games come in many forms. One of the reasons, these games are so popular is because the games themselves are so different to any other casino game found online. Let’s take craps for example. Craps is the ultimate casino dice game that has been around for many years. There is a good reason why craps is a casino classic.

The game lends itself to both novice and expert players. While the actual game play may rest on the outcome of a set of dice, the betting options in craps are some of the most complicated of any casino game ever made.

The most basic craps bet, the pass line bet is really easy to understand and opens the door to a whole world or opportunities. In Asia, Sic bo is the most popular dice game at any casino. Again Sic bo is the type of game that is perfectly adaptable to both novice and expert players. The easiest Sic Bo bet is a simple high or low bet where the sum of the three dice are split into high numbers and low numbers similar to roulette. For expert players, Sic bo offers a massive range of betting options with variable odds and huge payouts.

Video Dice Games

In addition to the big two (craps and sic bo), online casinos also offer a full range of video dice games which have the look and feel of an online video slot. Like slots, these video dice games come in all shapes and sizes and are generally themed. For example, you might find a beach themed dice game where the aim is to create dice squares that form a particular pattern in the sand. When a pattern is achieved, you can win a coin payout or a percentage of your total bet stake.

All the Fun of Slots with Added Extra’s

Online video dice games have another thing in common with slots. This is the speed at which the game is played and the payouts that can be achieved. Most of the dice games have rounds or blocks that can take between 10 and 30 seconds to clear the round. This means that you get all the action and winning opportunities compressed into bite-sized chunks.

How Video Dice Games Work?

So how do these dice games work. Most video dice games start off with players setting their stake. This can be done by clicking the up and down arrows to set the coin value. The game itself is played simply by clicking on a block to reveal the dice line. In each block three matching dice in down, across or diagonal make up a winning combination. If you are lucky enough to fill an entire block you can win up to 200x your bet.

The Beginning of a New Era

Online casino dice games have all the fun, variety and payouts of slots. They also combine the mental arithmetic of table games with the latest video technology animation and sound effects. All of this combined makes for an entertaining and rewarding casino experience. With more and more dice games hitting the virtual casino floors, it is easy to see why players are keen to take a break from slots and switch to a clean, new style of casino gaming.

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