How To Use Slots Ratios and Probability To Your Advantage

When you play slots online, you may have already noticed that every game has different probabilities and payout ratios. Often, more experienced slots players will comb through the games at their online casino in order to choose those that have the highest chance of paying out a big win.

Of course, all of the probabilities and payout ratios in quality online slots are tested by some of the world’s top auditing bodies like eCOGRA. This means that you can rest assured that what’s advertised will really be what you get.

Payout ratios in online slots are always constant, and can be as much as 99% in certain games. The trick to finding a slot that pays out frequently is to finding these games with high payout ratios (generally, 96% or higher is ideal).

It’s good to remember, however, that this does not mean a guaranteed win, as the ratio only represents how much a player should theoretically win back after playing $100 in the game. They will also not come in a predictable pattern, or within a single session.

A Guide To Slots Payout Percentages

Online casinos will often use attractive payout percentages to persuade you to sign up and play for real money. However, there is a lot to understand about how these percentages work before you get right into playing. A lot of players believe that if their slot has a 90% RTP, they will automatically win 90% of whatever they wager. However, this is not always the case!

The winnings do not land in fixed intervals, and as such, some gaming sessions will result in losses. You might win many small, frequent wins, but this will not always add up to a guaranteed 90% of your wagers.

Using Strategy To Maximise Your Winning Potential

While slots are purely games of luck, you can still benefit from using strategy when it comes to payout ratios. These strategies cannot alter the probability of your slot, but they can help you to get the most out of your casino cash and minimise your losses.

Remember to always consider the bet limits in your game, and pick a game according to your own budget limits. The key here is to be able to play for as long as possible, as payout ratios are based on an average of hundreds of spins.

Using your Coin Denomination Settings

Modern online slots almost always allow players to choose the bet per spin that suits their budgets. This makes the game affordable for every player, no matter whether you’re a high roller or playing with pennies. Your coin denomination often dictates the size of your payouts as well, with a higher stake translating into bigger wins. However, it’s important to choose a stake that brings you substantial wins while still allowing you to play for a decent length of time.

Understanding Coins vs. Total Bet Amounts

Especially in video slots, many slots offer multiple paylines. This changes the dynamic of the betting structure involved, which is important to you if you’re playing for real money! You will always have the ability to bet multiple coins per line, but this will increase the cost of each spin.

However, it also increases the value of your wins, so it’s a trade-off that you need to weigh up when choosing your stake in your game of choice. Often times, progressive slots will only let you win the progressive jackpot if you’re playing at maximum bet, so it’s good to consider this too in order to maximise your chances of walking away richer.

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