How To Make Your Own App

Make your own appSource: Pixabay

Have you ever been frothing at the mouth and pulling at your hair, trying to get one of the apps on your phone to do what you want? Ever say to yourself that if it were you who had designed it, you would have changed it in very specific ways, making it infinitely better? Well, it turns out that you no longer have to simply accept substandard apps and make do, since it is easier than ever before to create your own.

What’s that you say? You don’t have a degree in software coding, and aren’t willing to put in the time to get a degree? Fear not, you don’t need any qualifications. Virtually anyone can now create their own functional application, without much more than a bit of time and dedication. If this has caught your interest, read on to learn just how easy it is.

What Can I Make?

Before you get too excited, it should be pointed out that the programs created using these digital tools are somewhat limited. It’s best not to go in expecting to quickly and easily whip up your own version of Candy Crush, Snapseed, Snapchat or Roulette. Instead, keep your ideas a little more modest, and see how far your creativity and innovation takes you.

For example, think instead of a simple app that will work as a condensed version of an existing website you may already have. It is possible to link directly to a website, and likewise provide mobile device based purchasing options. You can also create links that automatically update, instantly feeding in new blog entries or other content.

With this in mind, you can quickly and easily make a functional app that could be used to sell products, make all sorts of online bookings, or perhaps serve as a convenient news and information outlet for your business.

Free And Paid Creation Software

There are a number of great digital tool sets that can be used, many of which are even free of charge. One of the most popular is AppyPie, which has the less than shrewd slogan ‘make an app, easy as pie.’ But putting the cheesy slogan aside, AppyPie is indeed one of the best options currently available. You simply have to specify what you are trying to create, or at least select something close to it, after which a design will be given to you. Then all that is required is to adjust the existing design to meet your idea.

Most interesting of all is that AppyPie can be used for free. Of course, if using it for free, advertising will be inserted into the application, which somewhat lowers its overall appeal. However, monthly payment plans are available that will remove the advertising entirely.

There are a number of other programs available too, including GoodBarber and AppInstitute, and depending on your skill set, budget or requirements different options will suit different needs.

After Creation Is Complete

So you’ve created the greatest application in history using one of the above-mentioned tools. Now what?

Most know that there are two major platforms on which to distribute downloadable software for mobile devices. Namely; Google Play Store, for Android and the Apple iStore for iOS. Both will require a bit of upfront cash in order to use the platform, with the Google Play Store being the cheaper option.

A $25 registration fee is required for Google Play Store, while the Apple iStore has a $99 yearly reoccurring fee. Keep in mind, though, that both platforms will take 30% of any sales you happen to make. So clearly, the Google Play Store is the smart option in most cases, although that is entirely up to you and your OS preferences.

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