The New Age Of F1 Esports And Motorsport

Sebastian Vettel Formel 1 (Formula 1) FerrariSource: Pixabay, randomwinner

Millennials have proven to be game-changers in their own right and Igor Fraga is just that. The professional gamer went from playing online like many motorsports enthusiasts to getting an upgrade bigger than any high score- playing for FIA Formula 3 itself. So what if you’re not the one who made it on the single-seater racing like Fraga, you can still win by betting on your favourite motorsports driver in a mobile casino.

As the first F1 esports player to join Formula 3, Fraga has cemented his legacy by going even further into winning the 2020 Toyota Racing Series title. And that’s not all, the 21-year old was announced to be a part of FIA Formula 3 Championship’s all-star team at Charouz Racing System taking place 20-22 March 2020. The star-studded lineup will include David Schumacher and two-time F3 podium finisher Niko Kari.

The Great World Of Esports

Lewis Hamilton in an OldtimerSource: Pixabay, schuger

It’s hard to ignore the ever-growing success of esports in our modern-day. The multi-billion dollar business has managed to seal a channel dedicated to it while raking in more than 300 million worth of global viewership, growing from just 58 million frequent viewers in 2012. Esports has taken gaming to a higher level. The video game competition that involves the participant and spectator not only takes place online but at centralized locations as well. Players have vast games to choose from Fortnite, NBA 2K basketball, FIFA soccer, Overwatch, Madden football to name a few. No need to count pennies in this big-money business as professional gamers can take home an average of $1 million+ per year like most elite pro-athletes.

But before making the big bucks, you have to learn the rules and ensure your appropriate gaming equipment and skill first. So what are the requirements? A good gaming platform is a start. After that comes practice and even more practice. A PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One qualifies for F1 Esports. Players must be aged 16 or older and go through The Challenger Series- a 7 round online championship. Players must finish in the top 8 in one of the Challenger series to gain an invitation to the Challenger series. A few more qualifications are required to finally make it to the Pro Draft which just proves how much hard work and practice is required before making it to the top.

The Formula In Formula 1

Player in Formel 1 (Formula 1) simulatorSource: Pixabay, Tomasz_Mikolajczyk

What name pops up when racing comes to mind? The answer is so obvious it is actually alarming. Formula 1 has shaped itself as the premier single-seater auto racing since the 1950s. A season of Formula One includes Grand Prix– a series of races taking place worldwide. The programme consists of two annual World Championships run separately for drivers and constructors. Watching the races has become a global event, but attending the races has to be even more coveted. A ticket for a Grand Prix can start at a low $20 to a high $2 127,70.

And now spectators can add the Vietnam Grand Prix (GP) to their calendar for the April 5th races. This doesn’t come with smooth sailing though, as much deliberation has gone into deciding to postpone the GP.

Star racers like Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) earn a staggering $79,100,000 making him the highest-paid driver on the Formula 1 grid. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) is not too far off from Hamilton, with $69,200,000 to his earnings this 2020 while Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) follows with $34 115 305,00.

Merging Esports And Formula 1 Together

Yas Marina Circuit in Abu DhabiSource: Pixabay, wendy1704

Formula 1 – The highest class of single-seater auto racing seemed like it could never be challenged by any competitor of its kind until it formed its own Esports programme and now it’s really unstoppable. From its conception in 2017 to its prevalent influence today, F1 Esports pays a generous $500,000 in prizes. Video players can be united on a global platform from all over the globe going through a number of challenges on the inaugural series, with hopes of receiving rewards or even following in the footsteps of Igo Fraga.

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