Home Consoles and Casino Games

Home Consoles and Casino GamesSo, you spend a great deal of time gunning down zombies, slaying goblins or murdering your fellow online players, but have you thought you might like to try casino games on your home game console? Online casinos have become an enormous industry, after all, and giving it a look surely can’t do any harm. But, if you’ve looked you’ve probably noticed that there are no real money games available for home consoles. It seems strange, given that games are available on mobile, and PC devices. Just what exactly is going on here?

Firstly, real money online casino games can be played on home consoles, or at least a very limited number of them can. But, there are indeed no casino games currently designed for consoles that use real money. There are a few fairly impressive games based around gambling, but all use virtual currency, and do not allow real cash to be spent or earned. Let’s take a closer look at these points, and learn more about the relationship between consoles and online casino games.

How to Play Casino Games

As already said, it is indeed possible to play casino games on a home console. It can be done via the console’s web browser, which can be used to access online casino websites. There is, however, a pretty big problem that massively limits the games that can be played. Namely, the fact that the vast majority of online casino games require third party software in order to function, such as Flash. Flash is a simple piece of software that allows programmes such as casino games to run directly in browsers. Since consoles do not allow the installation of Flash, most online casino games cannot be played.

There are a few casino games that do not require flash, but they are comparatively simpler and less visually pleasing. The games can, however, be played. This, currently, is about the extent of online casino games available on popular home game consoles, such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Virtual Money Casino Games

It turns out that as long as you are not looking to spend or earn real money, there are very impressive casino based titles offered. The Four Kings Casinos and Slots is an online casino game that allows players to walk around and explore a digital casino, playing a variety of casino games as they choose. The most impressive aspect of the game is that online players all inhabit the same world, seen as animated avatars in the game. A person can play against the other players, explore the casino together, or just hang out and chat.

Some have suggested that the game would be perfect for a real money situation, but both Microsoft and Sony, the makers of the Xbox and PlayStation, have been very tight lipped about any possibility of this happening. It seems that real money casino games on consoles is a very delicate subject neither company wants to tackle, or even comment on.

PlayStation VR Casino Games?

There are rumours that virtual casino games are headed for the latest technological wonder of the PlayStation 4, the VR headset. Many have already suggested that virtual reality is the perfect platform for digital casino games, and they may be right. Given that casino games require that the player only sit on a single spot, they are the perfect companions for a limited space headset.

There is no word yet if these rumours are true, but it seems likely that a casino game will make its way to the PlayStation headset, sooner or later. Whatever type of casino game it is, the headset will surely make it an absolutely amazing experience. After all, who wouldn’t like to spin a few slot games, while sitting on a base on the moon, for example?

Whatever sort of casino game it might be, however, it seems very likely that it will not be a game that can be played for real money.

No Change In Sight

And the situation, sadly, does not seem to be any closer to changing, or being resolved. For the time being, real money casino games are available only via home computer, mobile phone or other devices that are catered for. It seems a shame, given that some truly impressive casino games could be created, what with the power of modern gaming consoles. Regardless, one will have to reach for their phone if they want to earn real cash while playing casino games.

Don’t worry, though. If you like the idea of playing casino games for real money, with a VR headset, remember that PCs have their own virtual reality headsets, and support real money play. No such games exist just yet, but it seems only a matter of time before a game arrives. Keep your eyes open, and in the meantime start saving up a bit of cash. VR on PC is not cheap, that’s for sure. At least not yet.

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