Guide To Jackpot Slots

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Online slots players know what it is about their favourite titles that keeps them coming back. There’s nothing quite like the thrilling spin of the reels, the tantalizing payouts and the mind-blowing special features that bring you to the brink of life-changing winnings. If you are a newcomer to online slots and want to get in on the action that brings so much excitement into people’s lives, you’ll want to check out titles that offer the chance to win progressive jackpots. They bring together the highlights of the other categories of slots, then supercharge it all to an entirely new level.

How do progressive jackpots work?

It all started with one of the most famous machines from brick-and-mortar casinos, which launched in the 1980s. The idea of progressive jackpots evolved from this innovative idea, and progressive jackpot slots lead to the biggest payouts that expand with every bet you make. Some jackpot types are specific to certain titles, while others are a part of an entire network of games.

Progressive jackpots are payouts from things like slots or video poker. They will always let you know from the outset whether or not they offer progressive jackpots. It works by gradually increasing your total jackpot winnings by small increments with each play of the game. Where there are networked titles, the total can be increased by playing each of the games involved. The games will have a meter displaying the jackpot amount and winning combinations required. When you win the jackpot, this resets to the minimum level and the process starts over again.

You will usually need to bet the maximum amount per play to qualify for the progressive jackpot winnings. Otherwise, the bets will still contribute to the jackpot, but you will not be awarded the jackpot winnings if it lands.

The benefits of progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are designed to entice players to play. This means that although the odds favour the casino, if you are one of the lucky players then you will win big. The size of a jackpot can grow rapidly, and there have been many instances of jackpots in the millions for a lucky few. Essentially, players risk bigger losses for the chance to win a large payout from a progressive jackpot.

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The biggest jackpot winnings don’t pay out easily, so it can take some dedication and patience. You need to play a while to earn the big jackpots. Your chances of winning more regular payouts are higher on slots with regular jackpots rather than progressive ones, but the fabled life-changing jackpots only come from the progressive variety.

Some highlights from the progressive jackpot options

There are many progressive jackpot slots waiting to be discovered. If you want a little nudge in the right direction, some of the most popular progressive jackpot slot titles are:

Mega Moolah, Fruit Fiesta, Major Millions & Lotsa Loot

Whichever type of progressive jackpot you play, the amount of money can frequently balloon up to breathtaking levels. You can expect progressive jackpot slots to deliver fantastic payouts, so even if you aren’t lucky enough to hit a record-breaking win, you can still come out with an incredibly satisfying payout from a good gaming session. As we said before, it just takes some patience and commitment, though you should always wager within your means and stop playing when it isn’t fun anymore.

Exciting features in the top slots

Every slot with a progressive jackpot will offer a truly unique experience that begins with an engaging, immersive theme. From this starting point, each spin of the reels launches an exciting flurry of action. Your winnings balance could quickly start bursting at the seams with some juicy payouts, or you could hit some of the many special symbols to trigger bonus rounds with Free Spins and other exciting side games.

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However your gaming session pans out, you will be immersed in the entertainment of impressive visuals and sound effects as you play on to earn your opportunity to win a jackpot. Some titles will require you to land a certain combination of symbols, while others award you with bonus rounds entirely at random. The framework differs from one game to the next, so it is worth reading some reviews and trying different titles to find what works best for you.

Play wherever you like

The vast majority of progressive jackpot slots are optimised for playing on both Android and iOS. They use HTML5 technology for maximum compatibility so that players are able to enjoy them seamlessly whether they are sat in front of the desktop at home or using a mobile device at the pub or local coffee shop. Modern online casinos put all the fun at your fingertips so that you can join in anytime, anywhere.

No matter where you play progressive slots, you could get life-changing winnings at any moment.

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