GTA Casino Update: Party In Luxury

Gaming Club Casino: image of gamblers gathered around roulette and table gamesSource: Rockstar

A new casino is in town – in Los Santos, that is. The long-awaited update to GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto) is here and it is blowing everyone’s minds, including developing studio Rockstar Games. Launched as a free update on July 23, 2019, the decadent Diamond Casino and Resort has attracted the biggest number of players for a single day in GTA Online history since its original launch in 2013. It also attracted the biggest player numbers for a single week from July 23to July 29 after the casino’s grand opening. If you are a fan of mobile casino games, you can download a version of GTA for Android and iOS and play cards in an exclusive GTA High Roller outfit on your preferred device.

So, what’s so exciting about this update? For starters, featuring “first-class entertainment” the game now offers new narratives focusing on gangster Tao Cheng and Agatha Baker, the casino’s head of operations. Six new missions revolve around the plot of you, the hero, trying to protect the casino from the Duggans, a Texan petrochemical family set on taking over the glittering new empire.

In addition to the new story elements and missions, players also have the chance to buy new cars, build penthouse suites, and play a bevy of casino games.

New Features Galore

Highlights begin with cool new cars, like the Vulcar Nebula Turbo Sports car or a 70s turbo-charged sedan in pea green. Although GTA 5 was really handing out the swag after the game’s unveiling, members who have linked Twitch and Rockstar Social Club accounts get extra discounts, like 75% off Pfister Neon and Pegassi Reaper, along with an additional 10% off anything on sale.

Memberships are new, along with souped-up statuses. Depending on how many GTA bucks you want to spend or how much time you spend in the casino, you gain different statuses. You can purchase a GTA casino membership in the casino foyer or you will get a VIP membership when you purchase a penthouse suite.

Statuses are as follows:

  • Standard – For $500 GTA bucks, you also get 5,000 casino chips.
  • VIP/Silver – This is automatically available with a Diamond Casino penthouse.
  • Gold – You are granted this status once you complete the second mission, ‘House Keeping.’ This also unlocks the Truffade Thrax vehicle.
  • Platinum – Once you complete five mission for Agatha Baker you unlock this status, as well as exclusive accessories and open city missions.
  • Diamond – Play to the top and unlock the Diamond status when you complete and host all missions. You also receive the Enus Paragon R Armoured vehicle. If you complete all missions hosted by another player, you receive the Annis S80RR supercar.

Exciting Upgrades and Missions

Life the life of high luxury and fast-lane life with penthouse suites and other upgrades. Once you buy a penthouse you not only access the VIP status, but you also enjoy exclusive lounges, high-limit casino tables, private spas, and rooftop infinity pools for entertaining all your guests.

Four different penthouse suites you can choose in the casino include Design Your Own, Crash Pad, Party Penthouse, and High Roller. Additional features you might find include master bedroom, media room, bar and party area, and garage. Other services include roof terrace, aircraft, and a limousine.

You also get six new missions with the upgrade. Follow the story of the Duggan Crime Family trying to take over the newly launched casino as you help Agatha Baker save the day. How far you get in the missions depends on how many casino games you play and which membership you purchase. You are required to host each mission to score the Enus Paragon. The missions you can look forward to are Loose Cheng, House Keeping, Strong Arm Tactics, Play to Win, Bad Beat Casino, and Cashing Out.

Buy Extravagant Accessories

Use money you win at casino games and other GTA bucks you have purchased to decorate your new GTA “home.” You can buy artwork for your penthouse, along with new clothes and accessories. Once you run out of cash, all you need to do is find the hidden playing cards in GTA online. For each card you find and claim, you will win more cash, more clothes, and RP (role play).

Unleash the Casino Games

We know this is why you’ve shown up! The casino games are one of the biggest draws of the update. Relax, drink, and gamble to your heart’s content while you hobnob with the richest in Los Santos at the Diamond Casino. Standard membership holders can bet up to 20,000 chips per in-game day (48 minutes) and VIP memberships can bet up to 50,000 chips per in-game day.

Games you can enjoy once you invest some GTA bucks for chips include three-card poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines. You can also spin the Lucky Wheel to win amazing prices, such as chips, cash, clothing, and hot cards. Take it down a notch and watch virtual horse racing with your buddies in an exclusive lounge.

Whatever you choose to do or invest in when you are at the Diamond Casino, you will have the time of your life in this action-packed, virtual-realistic game.

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