Georgie Porgie Gets a Makeover

Most of use grew up with several different nursery rhymes. Some of them we have long since forgotten, but some of them stay with us into adulthood. You may or may not remember the story of Georgie Porgie. The most common lyrics of the modern day rhyme go something like this.

Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry, When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.

Poor Georgie! It doesn’t sound like he was much of a ladies’ man in the rhyme and when you take a look at Rhyming Reels Georgia Porgie slot by Microgaming, it doesn’t look like he’s much of a ladies’ man there either!

Interestingly, the first version of the rhyme didn’t even feature our redheaded miscreant. It was recorded in the mid eighteen hundreds and the unfortunate Rowley Powley took the place of Georgie. Sadly he didn’t appear to have much luck with the fairer sex either!

Some believe Georgie to be the first Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers who lived 1592 until 1628. Still others claim it must be Charles the Second or even George the First. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up such a claim. Regardless of who Georgie actually was, Microgaming has done an excellent job in helping to preserve this piece of writing history and turn it into a slots game for people like us to enjoy!

Rhymes to Reels

While it might seem a bit odd to use children’s nursery rhymes as a premise for a slots theme, Microgaming has done a compelling job of it through their introduction of Rhyming Reels. The slots in this series incorporate various elements of the rhyme, most of which are very, very old, and pull them into the modern age while also adding a bit of cheekiness in the form of humorous and light-hearted themes and characters in their symbols.

With this incarnation, Georgia is a red haired, glasses wearing, big toothed and quite goofy looking lad who takes it upon himself to try and kiss random girls at his university. You’ve got it to give it to him though; Georgie looks as confident as ever. Eyebrow cocked and pearly whites gleaming in the sun, it looks like he’s ready to rock and roll.

We can see him trying his luck with a beautiful lass in another of the slot symbols. Leaning in with lips puckered, it doesn’t look like she has any idea what’s coming. In the next symbol she can be seen crying, apparently inconsolable that the lips of our main man had the misfortune of planting a sloppy one right on her cheek. The final slot symbol sees Georgie hightailing it away from the scene of the kiss with a group of guys hot on his trail. We’re sure this isn’t the way he envisioned this going!

Keeping It Fresh

For all his faults, at least Georgie didn’t forget the breath spray. This bright blue symbol, though it didn’t end up being the key to Georgie’s success, is the key for you to unlock the free spins bonus rounds on this slot! And if you’re looking to win big, and we’re talking up to 975,000 coins, this is the one to watch out for!

Free spins are triggered when the player lands three, four or five fresh mint symbols and will award fifteen, twenty and twenty five free spins. Every win in this round means a 5x multiplier while additional fresh mint symbols mean more spins and more multipliers.

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? Pull up a chair and cross your fingers. Maybe you’ll be luckier than poor Georgie!

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