Food Trends Of 2018

Food meets flowersSource: Pixabay

We all love trends. But, what’s popular and hip today, inevitably, will not be popular and hip in a few months. Many are still drawn to trends, however, because it’s common knowledge that if your neighbour wears bell-bottoms, you’d better do the same, or else risk shunning and ridicule. Food trends are no different. Sugars and fats are bad, naturally. Or is it salts and preservatives? Or is it all of the above? Either way, food trends are as swift and interchanging as every other trend, which means it’s a good idea to learn about the new trends, and get in on them quickly, before they are gone or changed by the time you finally catch up.

On that note, here are 5 food trends that are currently shaping what people put in their mouths.

Eating Flowers

Rabbits eat flowers. So do cows. This begs the question; why aren’t humans eating flowers? For no good reason at all! Of course we should be eating flowers. They’re packed with flower goodness, as well as everything needed to maintain the body of a rabbit. Stop everything, get yourself a plate of flowers, and start munching down.

Flowers are being added to many dishes. Edible flowers, of course, so at least no one runs the risk of getting violently ill. Though word is that the flowers don’t really taste much like anything, and are only really added to provide a bit of colour to the dish. A solid, well thought out trend, and surely set to be around for years to come.

Returning To Locality

The world is a big place, with many different regions and cultures. And, as such, there are thousands of unique dishes around the world. A person could spend their whole life attempting to try all of them, especially given that it would take a great deal of travelling.

Fear not, though, as 2018 is said to be the era where chefs start returning to the dishes of their own region. Why? Because it’s more common than ever before for people to want to try foods from different regions. So, when going on holiday, dishes from the local area are preferred, as opposed to sticking to more familiar dishes. No more Mac n Cheese in Spain or Hot Dogs in France then?

Thinking Of The Future

People are becoming more conscious of the environment, which is certainly a good thing. In 2018, given the fuss being kicked up, more and more restaurants will seek sustainable methods of acquiring ingredients.

Good for the future, and good for everyone. Let’s hope this trend actually sticks.

Adventurous And Unique

In the world of cooking, there is a constant need to create something new, and truly unique. Being unique in the cooking world, however, may just require a bit of tree bark, or perhaps an interesting tasting bug.

Don’t worry; it’s all in the quest to create a truly unique dish. And, as it turns out, people are more adventurous with their eating than ever before. Who cares if there’s a bug leg or two in your meal? It’s still delicious, right? If you think not, however, there is nothing wrong with ordering take out, enjoying a few online casino games, and steering clear of restaurants that are focusing on the current trends. Before you know it, bug legs and bark will be replaced by the next big thing.

Less Colour, More Goodness

Less Colour, More GoodnessSource: Pixabay

And finally, word is that multi-coloured deserts are out, and mono-coloured deserts are in. It looks like the unicorn trend that we saw in so many sweet foods may finally be on the way out. In 2018 deserts will stick to a single, strong colour, like gold, and focus instead on being made from the finest ingredients.

It need not be mentioned that a few flowers could still be added to these mono-coloured deserts, which would certainly help them maintain some sort of aesthetic appeal. Either way, enjoy the culinary trends of 2018, they sure look tasty, but they may well change in a few months time again!

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