Famous Bands that Love to Gamble

When bands, singers and other musicians go gambling, anything could happen. The team at Gaming Club took a look at a few of those who take to the casino floor when they’re not singing for their supper.

It’s undeniable that slots are the most popular of all games found in casinos, so it comes as no surprise that they attract a musical audience. What did surprise us was finding out that late legendary Motorhead bassist Lemmy was a huge fan of slots!

According to musician Dave Vanian, Lemmy loved drinking Jack and Coke when playing slots, and that he favoured a game or two of video poker too. In fact, it’s widely reported that when Lemmy died, he was at home playing his favourite game.

Pop sensation One Direction got into trouble with their band manager for playing in casinos while on tour. From what we can tell, Harry Styles was the ringleader in the band’s gambling jaunt.

By the sounds of things, Styles is an avid roulette player, and even has 17 Black, his lucky number, tattooed on his chest. Unfortunately we never did find out if it was European, French, or American roulette he played, but we’ve got them all, as well as other exciting versions of the game. Head on over to our Gaming Club games page, and find out which one you like to play the most.

Jon Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake have also been spotted in casinos; at Atlantic City’s Borgata, and Melbourne’s Crown Casino, respectively. We’re not too sure what they played, but we do know that poker, craps and blackjack are high on the list of games favoured by celebrities who visit the Borgata.

Poker and blackjack are two games loved by Macy Gray. We don’t know if the gravel-voiced singer ever took her band to have a game or three at the tables, but we do know that she claims to have won as much as $28 000 in one night.

Find out how good you are at the games favoured by bands and other musicians by playing slots and table games such as baccarat, craps, blackjack, poker, and roulette with us here at Gaming Club online casino!


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