Exploring the Growth of Mobile Casinos

The advancement of technology has changed so many elements of our lives. From how we complete our daily chores to how we choose our entertainment. It’s no surprise that the face of the casino industry continues to change as swiftly as other industries. With casino games having moved rapidly in the last 30 years from Blackjack tables and coin operated slots into the world of online slots and virtual Blackjack, all eyes are focused on where the next move will lead us.

The new frontier is most certainly mobile gaming. Mobile devices have come a long way since the first Nokia was too large to fit in your pocket, and with the constant improvements in screen resolution and graphics, they have become the best way to carry a casino with you.

Increasingly, people use their cell phones to complete all the tasks they were previously only able to execute on their computer. Entertainment, games and email are all standard uses these days, and with the move of online banking to cell phone platform, security and firewalls for devices has improved dramatically. It’s only natural that the solid security, accessible platform and easy access have made your smartphone the best place to play your favourite casino games.

Mobile gaming has taken two main forms. You can access a casino in browser, or you can download an optimised app. The challenge in creating a mobile friendly version of a casino is to create an authentic casino feel, with a much smaller user interface. Before large touch screens were the norm, a small screen view was rather unsatisfying. Game developers have focused on creating a player experience that remains dynamic and visually beautiful, while using a limited amount of viewable space.

Despite challenges facing developers and some complicated online gaming laws, mobile gaming has grown exponentially and is currently a $182 billion a year industry. With the advent of bigger, better and more powerful mobile devices, its popularity does not seem set to wane, and smartwatches and wearable tech is also having an impact on the industry.

It seems that the future of gaming is mobile, or at the very least wholly portable, and playing on a smartphone or tablet is no longer a novelty but the norm. What comes next however is anyone’s guess while AR, VR and other advanced technology may soon be released into an already burgeoning market.

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