Your Guide to the Sparky New Game – Electric Avenue

ElectricAvenueOnlineSlotSource: Microgaming

As anyone who is a fan of high-quality online casino games will appreciate, there are two important components that make any online slot game work. They need to be fun and engaging from a graphical design perspective as well as offering plenty of in-game features to keep you interested. With Electric Avenue, the latest title from Microgaming, there is certainly plenty of style going on – it has a cool 80s look and feel – but does it deliver when it comes to entertainment value? Read on to find out.

Electric Avenue – Game Design

Developed by the creative team at All41Studios, Electric Avenue is set for release in May 2020. The Estonian-based game designers have come up with some cool ideas for their online slots in recent times, notably Arena of Gold which went live in April. However, Electric Avenue marks something of a departure insofar as its graphical content offers much more of a twentieth-century look. In fact, the look of Electric Avenue with its neon pinks and Palm Trees is so 80s in appearance that it might have sprung forth from an early Madonna video or an episode of Miami Vice, the classic American cop series.

Not only does the visual design of Electric Avenue transport you back to the mid-1980s but it has a pumping soundtrack that is of that vintage, too. Okay, some of the audio might sound like it was made 35 years ago, but the upbeat 80s pop on offer really gives the game a great deal of energy. Whether you are looking at neon symbols of lucky shamrocks, basketball sneakers or Rubik’s cubes, the whole effect is to make you feel like you are present in that era. However, Electric Avenue is not just about its nostalgic elements – this is a seriously entertaining game in its own right, too.

Game Features in Electric Avenue

The base game in Electric Avenue is arranged with six reels and four rows. Every time you take a turn with this many symbols ending up on your screen, there are a large number of ways to win. In fact, Electric Avenue offers players that chance to win in a total of 4,096 different combinations. That is a staggering amount that any 80s tycoon would be pleased with!

The middle four reels can all obtain wilds which is another good thing to know. When they do, wild reels also act as multipliers according to where they appear. In other words, a wild is worth double if it ends up on the second reel, treble on the third reel and so on. As such, you could see a win that is five times your original stake simply for obtaining a wild on reel five.

Another cool feature is the ability to obtain extra spins. This will occur when you are lucky enough to end up with three or more scatter symbols. Importantly, these can appear anywhere on your screen, not just on the central four reels. When you get this result, you have to choose whether you want to play the Electric Free Spins feature or the Neon Free Spins feature.

With Electric Free Spins, you obtain seven free spins and also have a power wild. The power wild is selected randomly but will always appear on reels two through to five. It sticks there until the end of the feature, thereby enhancing your chances of winning. What’s even more appealing is the fact that you will obtain an additional three bonus spins if you are able to fill up a reel with power wilds!

The Neon Free Spins feature is a little different. If you opt for it instead of the Electric Free Spins then you will obtain ten extra spins. That is not the only difference, however! With the Neon Free Spins option, you get a Wild Wheel. This means it is possible to obtain a multiplier worth 55 times your stake. This occurs if it winds up on reel five but there are some very attractive multipliers that occur on the other middle reels, too. During this feature, if you are able to obtain three or more scatter symbols, then a further ten free spins are awarded.

Summing Up

To conclude, Electric Avenue is a high volatility game that looks vibrant with colourful symbols set off well against a dark background. It offers a return to player rate of over 64 per cent in the base game but when you take into account all of the game’s features, the payout percentage soars to 96.37 per cent. This is a game for everyone to enjoy whether they remember the 80s with fondness or not.

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