Want To Earn Money Online?

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A lot of the things we do on our smart phones, like online shopping or watching movies on the go, cost us money. But what if you actually want to make some money from your smartphone? Don’t worry—there are plenty of ways earn money online. These aren’t boring desk jobs either. Read on for some cool ways to make money from your phone, everything from easy ways like taking surveys to fun ways like playing android casino games so you can turn your screentime into some extra cash.

Get paid to speak your mind

Everyone has an opinion, and as it turns out, you can make money from sharing it. There are lots of ways to do this, but most of them are centred around companies wanting to know what consumers think about potential products or about products they’ve already tried. This means you can earn rewards, or even cash, from taking surveys about topics or products you’re interested in. Using mobile apps like i-Say or SwagBucks, you can answer simple questions and give your opinion or rating for surveys where you qualify.

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It’s even easier with apps like Ibotta, where all you have to do is take a picture of your receipts, or Qmee, which has you engage with particular brands online in exchange for cash. Most of these apps will reward you with points that can be redeemed for vouchers and gift cards or give you money directly. Either way, you can use your opinions on your purchases to put some of that money back into your pocket.

Use your skills and know-how to get paid

You might be an expert on car repairs, know how to speak French, or bake good cakes. Any of these skills could earn you money online. With the rising popularity of YouTube, podcasts, and online learning services, you can make money by sharing something you’re good at, whether it’s entertaining or just a useful source of information. You might start small with a few YouTube videos about your skill and, once you’ve gained a little popularity, could turn it into something bigger like a coaching service or ad-supported media.

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Speaking of ads, if you already have a website—or even a popular social media account—you can turn your traffic into money. Using ads and sponsored posts turns your content into cash by directing readers and viewers toward a certain product.

If you’re a good writer or have good technical skills, you could also earn some money doing freelance work online. Lots of companies have started hiring freelancers for writing and design tasks, so you can choose a topic that interests you and turn it into a side job.

Get paid to play with online gaming

If you’re looking for a way to make money while relaxing and unwinding, then online gaming is a great option. Online casino games are not only entertaining and a test of skill, but you get the thrill of winning real cash, without ever having to go to a casino. Online casinos offer just about everything that on-land casinos have, except that you can play the same games from whenever you want.

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With online gaming, you also get to choose how you play. You can win more by taking bigger chances, but you can also play games with smaller bets and bring in your winnings little by little. You can play fast-paced games, strategy games, or something more relaxing like an online pokie. And, you can play anytime and anywhere, just as long as you have your phone.

Get your phone ready for work and play

Earning money with your smartphone online just takes a bit of creativity and time, and there’s something out there for everyone, so you can find something that fits your interests, skills, and schedule. If you’re thinking about earning some extra money from your phone, you’ll want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape—check out our blog for some tips on how to get your phone working 100%. Your phone is the key to getting some extra cash in your pocket, and having fun while you do it, so a little maintenance goes a long way.

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