Do Women Make Better Gamblers Than Men?

The battle of the sexes rages on the roads, in the boardroom, on the sports field, and pretty much everywhere else; so why not also in the casino?

Since it became more socially acceptable for women to visit gambling establishments as more than just trophies on men’s arms, there has been a dramatic increase in female feet crossing the casino floor. At the same time, with the meteoric rise of online gambling, even more women have gained access to every casino game you can think of.

And research tells us that the ladies take their gambling just as seriously as men do. The question is: which of the sexes is better at it?

To answer that question, we can begin by looking at women’s gaming preferences versus those of men. After all, you can’t rate, say, a rugby player and a cricketer by the same standards, can you?

A Feminine Touch on the Slots

It’s harder to tell online, but walk into any brick-and-mortar casino and you’ll see that the male-to-female ratio is pretty much even on the slots floor. It seems that female players tend to prefer slot games like Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck.

Gents Gamble on Table Games

With men, the disparity between their preference to slot games and that for table games is not as distinct as with women. However, owing to women’s penchant for the reels, you’re likely to see mostly men at the roulette, card, and craps tables.

The Babes are Into Bingo

Given women’s predilection for slots over table games, it comes as little surprise that they also have a soft spot for good old-fashioned bingo. Much like slot games, bingo is a game of pure chance because no result has any bearing on the result that follows. In other words, it is entirely possible for the bingo result to be exactly the same in one game after another into perpetuity, but we’ll never know in advance.

More Risky than Risqué

Ultimately, as one Harvard study found, the difference between male and female gamblers is a surprising one – women tend to be 15 times more aggressive than men in terms of risk-taking.

Given the fact that women prefer games of chance to those involving strategy, this makes a lot of sense. Of course, taking risks is necessary if you want to win big but there is great danger in recklessness too.

Bottom line: the jury is still out on this one.

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