Craps Tips for the Bankroll Challenged

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games at any land-based casino. It is also one of the few games where the house edge can drop below 1%. Unfortunately, to take advantage of this, players might have to place wagers that are way above their comfort zone. It’s an unfortunate scenario, and one that is worth taking a closer look at. What about those of us on a budget who cannot afford to take the big hits? Should we skip craps all together and head to the more budget-friendly games?

Stick to your guns folks, there are ways to keep to the house edge below 2% while still conserving your meager bankroll. In the notes below, we are going to look at simple ways to maximize your profits, reduce the house edge and still have a bit of cash left over to cover you when things go downhill. So, let’s get straight into it.

Stick to Playing One Pass/Don’t Pass Bet with Odds.

This is a pretty simple example of how to conserve your bankroll. Instead of having three numbers working on the table, play only one number with the odds. This allows you to drop the house edge below 1% while reducing the total bet by 3x. For example, if you are playing a $10 bet, your wager will be a set $10 to start off, $15 at double odds and $20 on triple odds. How high you go depends on what you are willing to spend. With this method, you get a house edge below 1% while risking twice the table minimum.

Skip the Odds Altogether

You may be thinking but the odds offer up the best deal at the table. This is true, but there is really no point in taking the odds if you are constantly worrying about bets you simply cannot afford. If you play the tried and trusted method of playing a pass bet with two come bets, you can have three numbers working at the same time and still have a conservative bankroll. On a $5 minimum bet table you will have a maximum of $15 at risk at any one time. The house edge does increase to 1.41% but you still have some semblance of a bankroll to work with after the round.

Play a 6 or 8 and Possibly Both

It has been proven that the most rolled number in craps is the 7. After the 7, the 6 and the 8 come up most often. There are five different ways to make each of these numbers which makes them very inviting. Betting on 6 means that you ware wanting the shooter to roll as 6 before he rolls a 7. The same goes for betting on 8. The house pays odds of 7-6 for these numbers which means you should really be betting in multiples of 6 to maximise your payout.

After a Pass Bet Play the 6 or 8

This tip ties up with the previous one for exactly the same reasons. Except in this instance, you are placing a pass bet before you get to the numbers. This is ideal for players who are interested in having multiple bets working. If you start with a standard $5 pass line bet, the next option should be to place a bet on the 6 or 8.

If the shooter rolls either one of these as the point number, you can simply place a $6 on the other number in the set. This means you will have total wager of $11. If the shooter does not roll a point number of 6 or 8, the best way to maximize your chances of winning is to bet on both numbers. In this case, you will have a $6 bet on each number with a total wager of $17. The house edge on your pass line bet will be 1.41% and on the place bets it works out to 1.52%.

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