What is In-Car Voice Assistance?

What is In-Car Voice AssistanceSource: BMW Group PressClub

Imagine climbing into your car, and the air-conditioning system automatically turns on. Next, the engine roars to life while the car begins its journey, driving you to your intended destination. What’s even better? You won’t have to lift a single finger. And thanks to the advancement of In-Car Voice Assistant technology, this could soon become a reality for new owners of contemporary BMW models, who will be able to experience it as soon as March, 2019.

In-Car Voice Assistance responds to voice commands from the driver. BMW In-Car Voice Assistance is activated by simply saying “Hey BMW.” You can also modify this to a personal “wake-word” like, “Hey Anna / John.” Users are able to control functionality aspects of the car with simple voice commands. You will also be able to access smartphones and smart speakers via this nifty tool.

The Benefits of Voice Assistance

One thing that is extremely valuable to 21st century folks is convenience. This is also one of the biggest benefits of Voice Assistant technology. In-Car Voice Assistance, in particular, allows you to use your smartphone while driving, without having to take your eyes off of the road, or even run the risk of breaking any laws. Whether you need to access your contact list, music apps, or even maps, you can simply touch a button on your steering wheel and voice what you would like to access, without touching your phone.

BMW’s In-Car Voice Assistance is like your personal assistant when driving. The intelligent technology gives drivers voice control over their vehicles, and allows them to check on their car’s overall health, and also alerts them to any potential issues with the vehicle. This feature also allows drivers to conduct simple conversations with their vehicles, which provides additional safety to the driver and their passengers.

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How This Invention Could Influence the Future of Driving

When motor vehicles were first invented, safety was not guaranteed, and numerous people lost their lives as a result of car accidents. Today, while the number of car fatalities are not nearly as high as its historic figure, we still have an average of more than 101 people losing their lives to car accidents every day, in the USA alone. BMW’s clever In-Car Voice Assistant feature will increase the safety aspect while driving, as the car will alert you if you are driving too close to another car, or when certain aspects of the vehicle are not in fully functioning condition, like when the tire pressure is too low, or when car services are due. This technology is so advanced, that it will be able to respond to a driver’s anxiety levels, and will attempt to adjust lighting or temperature to help regulate your mood. With so many contemporary features of this tool, individuals will soon want to spend more time in their cars and less time at their homes.

Other Inventions that Offer Voice Assistant features

Many consumers are using voice assistance to increase the convenience aspect when shopping, paying their bills or banking. Most of these personal assistant apps can be downloaded onto your smartphone device, while some devices come standard with virtual assistants like Siri for Apple Devices, Cortana or Google Assistant. Amazon also offers an assistant called Alexa – this voice-controlled assistant gives you access to intelligent features at home, like controlling light switches, TV functionality and thermostats. Other popular assistant apps include, Bixby, Dragon Mobile Assistant, Extreme Personal Voice Assistant, DataBot Personal Assistant and AIVC commonly known as Alice.

Final Thoughts

Personal Voice Assistants have become extremely prominent in recent years, and tend to make life a tad bit easier, especially for busy individuals trying to stay ahead of their active schedules. With so many benefits of personal voice assistants, missing vital car services will soon become a thing of the past!

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