Can You Use Strategy In Live Dealer Games?

The short answer of course is YES! Live dealer games follow the same game play and rules as table and casino games have for centuries so thousands of years of gambling strategies are all free to be applied on live dealer games.

Let’s look at some live dealer games and the basic strategies that can be applied during play.

Basic Black Jack Strategy

Live dealer Blackjack probably has one of the simplest to learn and easiest to apply betting strategies. One of the main reasons behind this is because unlike say poker or roulette, you have knowledge of a lot of variables.

You know at least one card in the dealer’s hand; you know both your cards and most casinos follow 4 rules in all blackjack games:

1.       Between 4 and 8 decks are used in each game

2.       The dealer will always stand on a soft 17

3.       Doubling down is allowed after a split

4.       Only your initial wager is lost if the dealer gets blackjack

Using these known variables, players can follow a simple wager strategy based on what you have in hand and what the dealer is showing you.

Basic Roulette Strategy

Roulette offers players a variety of wagers to place, but most common roulette strategies are based on 50/50 wagering. Easily the most well know roulette strategies involve the Martingale System. This form of roulette strategy originated in France in the 18th century, so its certainly stood the test of time.

This betting system basically states that during your wagering, after any loss you must increase your wager so that your next win will both even out your placed wagers and make you a slice of profit in return.

This is a very effective strategy in theory because eventually you will win and make your win fall. Most gamblers however underestimate how many losses can occur before a winning streak, or even a single win.

Basic Poker Strategy

Basic Poker Strategy is a bit of an oxymoron. Poker has some of the most complex strategies available for live dealer games. Poker does not just take into account statistical probabilities, but also needs to take into account player behaviour as other players can bluff, raise aggressively or reveal their hands through tells.

Many game strategies can be found online, try sticking to well known strategies, as there are many people who claim their unique strategies work the best. You should be able to find common strategies for free that will improve your game and cost you nothing.

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